• Customer Service Center

  • R&D Center

  • Overseas Sales Center

    Customer Service Center

    Overseas Technique Support

    Work Responsibility:
    1. Responsible for solving technical issues.
    2. Help customers to solve technical issues by email, telephone or online call.
    3. Help customers to repair and maintain products on-site.
    4. To sum up and provide electronic report for after-sale programs.
    5. Provide professional before-sale technique support for sales.
    6. Provide technique support for production department.
    7. Assist customers to check the goods in the factory.
    8. Finish some other work assigned by managers.

    1. Willing to work at LED display industry, good at learning and communicating.
    2. Oral English reaches 4th level or above, can communicate with foreign customers by using basic oral and
    written English.
    3. College degree or above in Electronic Engineering or related (our company will provide professional
    technique training including the professional vocabularies), excellent new graduates is welcomed.
    4. Patient and pay attention to details, Strong ownership of assigned tasks, able to take short-term overseas
    business trip independently after well trained.
    5. Excellent ones can apply to work at overseas branch companies and enjoy relevant compensation and

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    R&D Center

    Structure Engineer

    Work Responsibility:
    1. Responsible for the design of product’s appearance, structure and engineering.
    2. Keep following the production process for relevant products and communicate with suppliers about every
    single details.
    3. Responsible for all the technique materials.
    4. Deal with problems occurred on the production line and communicate with relevant departments to solve the problems.
    5. Keep updating the products and control the cost.
    6. Finish some other work assigned by department managers.

    1.Familiar with kinds of softwares including Solidworks 、PRO/E and CAD. Good at English is preferred.
    2.College degree or above in Electronic Engineering or related.
    3.Mature and stable, can work under pressure and arrange overwork independently when need.
    4.Pay attention to details and rigorous, can learn quick and work as a team member.
    5.Know plastic materials, die cast structure and molding technology is preferred.

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    Electronic Engineer

    Work Responsibility:
    1. Responsible for electric circuit design, development and sample confirm.
    2. Assist the structure engineer to finish the overall product’s development.
    3. Provide technical service for related products and keep updating it.
    4. Constantly optimizing the production process to reduce cost and improve product quality.

    1)Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering or related.
    2)Excellent in digital circuit and analog circuit, familiar with kinds of electronic components.
    3)Familiar with the related circuit diagram softwares.
    4)Familiar with analog circuit design, testing and technics.
    5)Systemic problem solving skill for product, process and equipment issues.
    6)Strong ownership of assigned tasks and able to finish work with limited supervision.
    7)Open minded and adaptable to changes.
    8)Basic mechanical knowledge.

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    Overseas Sales Center

    Overseas Sales

    Work Responsibility:
    1. Responsible for searching customers at relevant countries and areas and maintaining relationship with them.
    2. Responsible for promoting brands and selling products at relevant countries and areas.
    3. Responsible for recording information into ERP system.
    4. Responsible for collecting industrial competitors’ information and giving feedback. 
    5. Finish some other work assigned by managers.

    1. No gender and major preference, college degree or above, familiar with English listening, reading, writing and speaking.
    2. Confident and have strong will to be a sales.
    3. Can learn quick and good at communicating and teamwork.
    4. Adapt to short-term overseas business trip.

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