A creative INFiLED spherical screen in Weinan Luyanghu Wetland Science Museum

In June, INFiLED installed a spherical LED screen for the Weinan Luyanghu Wetland Science Museum located in Shaanxi. The screen has a diameter of three meters and is hung under the dome of the museum, performing excellently in picture quality.

As a science popularization-themed space, Weinan Luyanghu Wetland Science Museum is committed to vividly introducing the unique local wetland natural landscape to tourists by creating a series of creative display projects, and the sphere screen is one of those, which features a wide color gamut, available to present the beauty of wetland in 360 degrees, to arouse the interest of tourists.

The spherical screen, not only has an impressive appearance but is also quite meticulous in terms of workmanship. To form a seamless sphere, INFiLED technicians applied a total of 28 square meters of small-sized LED panels with a pixel pitch of only 3.9mm for compact splicing. The finished screen has a resolution of up to 3600*1830, and the brightness of each surface is uniform, offering tourists a comfortable viewing experience with a high-definition and detailed display.

In other respects, this screen also performed well. It features durable, long-lasting performance, as well as allows reconditioning of critical panels and components from the front that enables fast and convenient maintenance, ensuring stable operation during Science Museum opening hours. Moreover, its safety is guaranteed as well, since it is suspended by several extremely strong steel ropes and its center of gravity is precisely adjusted. In brief, it is an effective and reliable communication medium.


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