Viessmann's Headquarters Feature Custom INFiLED Fine-Pitch LED Displays

Viessmann’s Headquarters Feature Custom INFiLED Fine-Pitch LED Displays

Viessmann is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium heating and solar energy systems. Founded in 1917 and headquartered in Germany the company has a global reach offering a wide range of Residential and Commercial Products as well as Industrial and District Heating Systems.

As part of the renovation of the company's installations, Viessmann engaged G + B Medientechnik to integrate an LED wall with a 90° corner in its canteen area. The installation consisted of an 11 x 0.25m (W x H) LED text ticker on top, as well as a 7 x 4m Video Wall below it. Both displays were made of DB 2.6 panels in special formats and sizes. The panels have been cut 45° to create a seamless corner with zero gaps.

Viessmann’s Headquarters Feature Custom INFiLED Fine-Pitch LED Displays

"Viessmann was looking for a media solution that would allow to display videos as well as texts and images for its HQ Offices canteen," said Andreas Voss, Sales Manager INFiLED DACH. "We provided this custom solution with our DB series that allows flexibility and offers outstanding visual effect to display any type of content even when you walk right next to it."

"The screen looks sharp and the installation was exceptionally smooth," said Robert Fischer, Projectmanager, G + B Medientechnik GmbH. "The panels came customized by the factory allowing us to create a 90° corner on the spot easily without gaps and without damaging the LEDs. The end customer was impressed!

About the INFiLED DB LED series

INFiLED DB (Deep Black) fine pixel pitch LED series can achieve high contrast performance and unparalleled image quality for a cinematic look with less moiré effect. The DB Series uses ultra-black masking materials and exclusive black LEDs to offer a new level of contrast. With high grayscale levels, a high refresh rate and the best quality components provides the ultimate image result. DB series also allow concave or convex curved setup to better reproduce a realistic scene.

About G+B Medientechnik GmbH

Founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of Gahrens & Battermann Group, G+B Medientechnik GmbH offers media solutions for Presentations, Conferences and Trainings. From planning to installation G+B Medientechnik GmbH is a reliable Service Partner for Universities and Companies.

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Pictures taken by: Joachim Grothus

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