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INFiLED Present Excellence on PLS Guangzhou

Update:2018-06-21 09:12

On PLS Guangzhou in May, INFiLED had won all's attention, as the cool stage design booth attracted visitors cannot helping to stop. Relying on the ER and DF series of products with innovative and practical stage application characteristics, INFiLED’s booth had gained unanimous praise from the ones who’ve come in the industry.

INFiLED Present Excellence on PLS Guangzhou

On this exhibition, as the booth had been specially designed as a stage, the rental features of the Easy Rental Solutions ER Series and the Interactive Floor Solutions DF Series were also fully demonstrated. The main screen ER3.9 with the middle hollow design forms a window which allowed the handsome DJ to reserve his performance. On both sides, there were four three-sided screen pillars which were like the entire stage was supported by four cubes; the whole booth was surrounded by small screens, which made the light of the entire stage radiate from the middle to all directions; except for a large screen on the front-side and the upper rectangle screens, the interactive dance floor screen which must be mentioned. By the use of interactive panels, the entire stage of the design was full of spirituality, and the stage was portrayed more vividly.

The PLS Guangzhou exhibition lasted for four days, and the small news during the period was endless.

INFiLED exhibition hall on PLS Guangzhou

With the rhythmic notes of the DJ, even our customers couldn't help to suppress the movement in the heart, gracefully danced on the dance floor, and ignited the atmosphere of the scene;

What a coincident, just between encountering the DJ's break, there was an online star who was passing by. When she heard that the screen could be stepped on and then jumped onto the stage with enthusiasm and began to walk catwalk. It was quite fiery;

Another interesting thing was that when the dance floor screen was switched to the game, visitors had jumped on the stage and played a game of “stepping hamster”! That's right, you can play “whack-a-mole“ on the interactive screen! Not only can you play “whack-a-mole“, you can also play super classic games such as Tetris, and etc.

INFiLED display lighting renderings on PLS Guangzhou

The entire exhibition as the INFiLED’s booth was crowded with people. The scene was hot; not only seats were filled with people, but the people who were discussing and talking were also standing in every corner. Sometimes the sample panels were not enough for demonstration, the module was directly manually dismantled from the stage, which not only embodied the hot-plugging function, but also embodied the convenient application of simple front maintenance. Two hot-selling leasing products had become popular all over the world since entering the market. They could make more.