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INFiLED Released ERⅡ on Prolight + Sound 2019

Update:2019-05-06 10:25

Prolight + Sound 2019 was held successfully for 4 days in Frankfurt, which drew all’s attention in the audio visual market.

INFiLED Released ERⅡ on Prolight + Sound 2019

INFiLED brought its classic products deep black solutions DB series, perfect wave solutions X series, interactive dance floor solutions DF series and what’s more, the easy rental solutions ERⅡseries.

INFiLED exhibition products

ERⅡis a lightweight high-performance rental panel for indoor and outdoor applications. As the update version of ER series, ERⅡnot only can be compatible with ER panels, but also has many new user-friendly designs for much more convenient and faster installation, such as only one standard module makes it easy to store and replace for backup, screwless design allows no tools needed for assembling and disassembling the modules and PDUs, and even for the outdoor application, front service can be achieved.

INFiLED exhibition ERII in Frankfurt

As ER series has been a great success since it came into the market, ERⅡhas a long way to go in the rental market to catch up with ER. INFiLED would keep focusing on the using experience to design and produce LED products to present excellence and create visual feast to the whole world!