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Deep Insight into INFILED Black Technology at Infocomm19

Update:2019-06-20 16:27

Deep Insight into INFILED Black Technology at Infocomm19

The open settings and the novel layout of "family gathering together" have become a strong visual impact, attracting visitors to stop. Ultra-high-definition display and the perfect colors fusion amazed the onlookers. This is the powerful charm of INFiLED. With the cooperation of the company's staffs, the visitors enjoyed a feast!

As INFiLED continues to improve manufacturing technique, the new product ERII series was officially changed name to AR. The stunning appearance of DB mini grabs attention this time.

INFiLED Product Exhibition at Infocomm19

AR series was specially designed to meet customers’ demands in rental solutions. Lightweight, elegant design and quick installation. Universal module means easier storage and maintenance. Modules are all pre-locked by magnetic assembly with front and rear maintenance available. More creative triangle screens can be achieved.

Deep Black Mini LED 4 in 1 is physically stronger than single LED. It has realized technological advancement up to 160° viewing angle, and taken a historic step in the market on small pixel pitch.

There were also AM series and TM series, both of which have reached more than 80% transparency rate. The ultra-clear display looked as if the entire picture floated in the air. The visitors could not help but to reach out.

Michael Hao is explaining to customers the products of INFiLED

In order to help customers know more about the products, Michael Hao, CEO of INFiLED, and the workers carefully prepared a half-hour product introduction and setup presentation. Everyone gathered, closing to the experience that technology was within reach. The atmosphere was unprecedented and everyone was immersed on the lively show site.

The success of INFiLED at InfoComm 2019 was inseparable from the companionship and support of the old customers over the past decade, as well as the expectations and prospects of new friends. INFiLED will go forward and join hands with everyone to work together for the next decade!