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2019 INFiLED-SLV Symposium

Update:2019-07-11 09:47

Recently, INFiLED-SLV Symposium was concluded successfully in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

2019 INFiLED-SLV Symposium

Here, INFiLED deeply felt not only the enthusiasm of friends from Southeast Asia, but also the authority and professionalism of the companies of stage lighting and audio equipment.

SLV is a fusion of lighting, sound and vision. The main purpose of the Symposium is to organize a training and technical exchange forum for participants. The goal is to provide a platform for the sound, optical and visual industries in Southeast Asia to share ideas and learn to prepare for development and the future challenges.

At the exhibition, INFiLED and its partner distributors and retailers carried out new product demonstrations and conducted various discussions and exchanges for the development and layout of future stage lighting and audio market in Southeast Asia, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

INFiLED-SLV Symposium staff took a group photo

The main product on the exhibition - GX series. It’s specially designed for the Southeast Asian market and has attracted great attention once it was published.

The cabinet is light and slim which is made of die-casting magnesium and aluminum, and easy to achieve faster building and dismantling. The outdoor LED display’s front and rear could reach IP65 for better practical application.

INFiLED-SLV Symposium exhibition stand

INFiLED has always taken promoting the development of the digital display industry as its duty. 2019 is the important moment of the LED era, INFiLED will bear the next, forge ahead and focus on the market and customer needs to constantly develop high quality and high performance products. Prove to the world with action, and create a better future together!