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INFiLED Decennary, Appreciate All the Way

Update:2019-08-16 16:55

INFiLED Decennary, Appreciate All the Way

Time flies and the days come and go. In the blink of an eye, ten years have gone by. With great elation and pleasure, INFiLED is about to celebrate the 10th anniversary in September 2019. Ten years in the long river of history is just a moment. Looking back, it is the dawn to ride through the darkness by stepping down the rough roads and overturning the obstacles into floating bridges.

INFiLED is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, founded in 2009. A team of 43 peoples worked together for half a month, eventually made a batch LED screen entered the market abroad.

INFiLED has always occupied a leading position in the industry and the number of obtained patents has reached over 135 and the products have been installed in over 85 countries by this tenth September of 2019. We have set up a Hong Kong global service center to provide efficient and convenient after-sales service for our global clients; we have established the INFiLED Europe B.V. in Netherlands so as to deliver the high-quality products and efficient service for customers in Europe.

Carrying ten years dreams and hopes, INFiLED will always uphold the principle of customer first and continue to fight for the next decade.

Through the long river of history, we stand on the shoulders of the years and look forward to the advancement of technology. The pace of reform is advance with leaps and bounds. In addition to more responsibility, growth means more mature and always with gratitude heart.

Thanks to all the local partners around the world. Special thanks to the distributor Vuepix INFiLED who met the market demand, broke new ground in the Australian market; thanks to the distributor Publik LatAm in South American, your every suggestion, every engagement, is the driving force for our journey; thanks to the distributor INFiLED USA LLC, we are full harvest and full of confidence and courage of expanding the US fixed LED display market because of your support and trust; thanks to the UK distributor INFiLED EM international Ltd, thank you for your participation and great contributions to open up the UK fixed LED display market to reach mutual benefit; thanks to the Japanese branch office, we hope that we will never forget the original aspiration in the future, hand in hand, united to fight against difficulties together.

Thank you again for your help and support to INFiLED!

We are at an era of rapid development, where opportunities and challenges coexist. INFiLED has won the most difficult decade. Glory belongs to yesterday. Tomorrow, we will inaugurate new milestones and stay connecting for the next ten years with trust and success!