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INFiLED 2020 Anual Party-Embarking on a New Journey

Update:2020-01-21 15:46

Spring Festival is drawing near , all the staff of INFiLED gathered at the Fumanyuan hotel to hold year-end party on December 28th of the lunar calendar. On this day, we ushered the "final" of the annual event of INFiLED 2019.

Michael Hao INFiLED CEO

The Spanish office and the Japanese office sent their sincere blessings.

And the staff of INFiLED carefully prepared some programs for this party.

Opening dance You have a pretty smile

Opening dance < You have a pretty smile. >

A smile convey can encouragement; a smile can also give people happiness; the Year of the Rat,

bless you all with countless laughter and countless happy lives!

Sketch< Customer Service Training. >

In five-star culture, Gold star corresponds to customers, customer is first.

In the development of an enterprise, service is a crucial, and the customer service department is an indispensable department.

Song " The Road to Mediocre Life "

Dance "Hou sheng"

Song "In the world"

Song "If you are my legend"

Sketch "I want to perform on the Spring Festival Gala"

Song "Exaggeration"

Piano playing "Hello tomorrow"

In 2020, INFiLED is about to enter it’s 11st anniversary. All the staff is wealth of INFiLED. They are accompanied by the growth of INFiLED, and they have become the tower of strength. Every year, INFiLED will award INFiLED staff who have worked here for 3 years and 5 years to thank them for their hard work and contribution to the company.

INFiLED outstanding employees.

We have many outstanding teams in 2019, and all of this cannot be separated from the dedication of our outstanding employees. The annual outstanding employee award is recognition and encouragement for them.

No pain no gain, INFiLED has achieved a lot in 2019 after a whole year of hard work. And those staff who are fighting on the front line are the most admirable.

The most exciting part is the lottery. This year, there are totally five rounds of lottery, and each round ignites the atmosphere to a climax.

INFiLED 2020 Anual Party-Embarking on a New Journey

In this beautiful day, all staff of INFiLED toast together to celebrate, and look forward to a beautiful new year in the joyful laughter.