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INFiLED Launches Cutting Edge Outdoor LED Rental Solution TITAN-X

Update:2021-08-31 18:04

SHENZHEN, China, Aug 31, 2021 -- INFiLED, leading global manufacturer of LED displays , is delighted to officially announce the launch of its new cutting-edge outdoor rental solution, TITAN-X, after several months of hard work and dedication. As part of the INFiLED DNA, the idea behind the TITAN-X innovation is to create a long-lasting outdoor LED rental screen with excellent transparency yet remains strong.

INFiLED transparent screen TITAN-X series of new products launched

Michael Hao, CEO of INFiLED, commented, “To accomplish this challenging task, we built an international R&D team of 15 engineers from both Europe and China, who after seven months of dedication to this project, finally completed TITAN-X. The beauty of TITAN-X lies in how our team combined high transparency with a super load capacity into one. The average outdoor stage screen construction needs a stage truss for every 2 meters of screen to protect against wind over 20m/s for two-tiers. However, TITAN-X needs a stage truss for every 9.6 meters of eight tiers, thanks to an elaborate built-in foldable subframe inside the TITAN frame. Moreover, the overall system remains around 30kg/panel making it lightweight and strong which is absolutely mind-blowing!”

INFiLED transparent screen TITAN-X series high transmittance display

INFiLED transparent screen TITAN-X series large size and easy to install

TITAN-X high-transparency large-format outdoor touring LED solution features a pixel pith of 8.3mm and high transparency rate of 70% offering outstanding display performance for state-of-the-art stage visual effects. Each cabinet offers extensive load capacity and advanced overall stability due to its unique rear triangular foldable wind bracing system which can resist wind speeds of 20m/sec for outdoor events, while the screen can reach heights of up to 24 meters. The extra-large 1200x1200mm cabinets feature a unique design with an innovative lifting operation from the dolly that quickens installation time to a new level.

INFiLED transparent screen TITAN-X series positive and negative angle diagram

INFiLED transparent screen TITAN-X series is easy to transport

Its dedicated dolly system allows for easy transportation and makes installation more efficient. The foldable bracing design of each cabinet saves on storage space and even with extra accessories, the cabinets can still be transported in their dollies. Featuring a high brightness of 5000nits and IP65 protection, it´s a reliable and robust choice under any light and weather conditions. The TITAN-X can be customized and assembled at angles of ±15 giving it the ability to adapt to unlimited stage and creative design requirements such as a curve effect.

The INFiLED TITAN-X is expected to be available from August 2021.


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