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INFiLED Launches the New Product for Smooth Arc Screen — MV EDGE Series

Update:2021-11-30 16:51

INFiLED Launches the New Product for Smooth Arc Screen — MV EDGE Series

Shenzhen, China, November 26th, 2021—INFiLED, the global leader of LED display industry, released MV EDGE series, it adopts small module size design, angle splicing, and IP65 protection level. It is suitable for various fixed outdoor convex applications such as naked eye 3D.

Technically, MV EDGE series is an additional version of MV series, the biggest different between MV Series and MV EDGE is the size, the MV EDGE module is quite small, each one measures only 125*250mm, comparing with normal size 500*500mm, it is more convenient for splicing into a curved screen, and the splicing angle of two module could be adjusted from 90° to 180°. When matched with the MV series, it can realize a natural transition from a flat surface to a curved surface. Also the features of high brightness, high contrast and high refresh rate give the insurance of the clearly display performance under any light conditions. In addition, the MV EDGE series is more eco-friendly with an average power consumption of 180w/㎡.

The launch of the MV EDGE series truly meets the product requirements of outdoor large curved screens that require lightness, low power consumption, cost-effectiveness, seamless surface splicing, and smoothness.


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