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Welcome to visit INFiLED's best-arranged booth at ISE2022

Update:2022-05-12 18:08

On May 10, at the ISE2022 exhibition in Barcelona, INFiLED, a global leading manufacturer of LED displays, officially unveiled its well-arranged booth at Hall 3 3B400. The booth showcases INFiLED's latest innovative products and will continue to exhibit until May 13th.

ISE is recognized as the world's largest AV and system integration exhibition and is also regarded as the premier platform for manufacturers and service providers to launch creative products and solutions to the multi-technology market.

As one of the popular exhibitors at ISE, INFiLED has been invited to exhibit for seven consecutive years. This time, INFiLED appeared at ISE2022 with extensive types of outstanding LED displays suitable for a variety of application scenarios, solutions for xR studio, rental, indoor and outdoor fixed installation, and others were all exhibited at the booth.

INFiLED xR virtual shooting virtual production LED screen at ISE 2022 exhibition in Barcelona, Spain

Entering from the east access of Hall 3, it is noticeable a 3*3*3m xR studio was set up at INFiLED's booth, which is composed of two backdrop walls made of DB series and floors made of DFII series. Both series are popular in the xR field and have been widely adopted for virtual studio or stage setups such as Ten-dots Virtual Studio, PURE VIEW xR Studio, Voxx Haus Studio, etc.

The DB series on the wall has a refresh rate of up to 3840Hz, supports HDR10, and meets the precise color display, smooth dynamic pictures, and excellent detail expression required for xR production. As for the floor, the DFII is equipped with an INFiLED patented optical masking, which is anti-glare, low-reflection, and has no color deviation under wide viewing angles, making it an appropriate choice for xR virtual scenes.

INFiLED windproof outdoor transparent screen TINTAN-X series at ISE 2022 exhibition in Barcelona, Spain

Just to the right of the xR studio, a large-format screen made of the TITAN-X series was mounted on the façade of the INFiLED booth. This series has high transparency of 70%, a pixel pitch of merely 8.3mm, and a brightness of up to 4000nits, stands out in the outdoor rental market with its unique appearance and premium performance. It is worth mentioning that TITAN-X is the winner of events technology in the 2022 Inavation Awards.

TITAN-X is the winner of events technology in the 2022 Inavation Awards.

In the corner of the booth, the newly launched XII1.9 curved screen came into view. XII series adopts INFiLED's patented soft module technology, which has strong flexibility and can be convex and concave ±30°, meeting various screen shape requirements, such as inner arc, outer cylinder, streamer, wave, etc. In addition, the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of this series are up to 160°, and the picture presented on the screen is natural and smooth from any viewpoint.

INFiLED Curved LED Screen X II Series at ISE 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

Right above the XII series, a majestic MV EDGE curved screen is present. Each module of MV EDGE is only 125x250mm in size, supports various connection angles from 90° to 180°, and can be matched with INFiLED's MV planar series, not only that, but it also has a high brightness of 5000 nits and outstanding refresh rate of 3840Hz, is the ideal for outdoor fixed installation, especially for DooH applications. Additionally, it has a low energy consumption of 180W/㎡, which is an environmentally friendly and efficient display solution.

INFiLED naked eye 3D large screen at ISE 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

In the INFiLED exhibition area, there are several indoor fixed display solutions, including the recently launched WP ARC series. This series offers a variety of pixel pitches down to 1.5mm and can be compatible with the WP series, converting the display from a flat surface to a smooth 90° bump curve. Besides, The WP ARC series offers a standard 16:9 aspect ratio and supports automatic grayscale and point-by-point correction, displaying accurate colors and fluent images.

INFiLED ultra-thin mural LED display at ISE 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

Apart from that, the high-quality products being exhibited also include the WP series, which are utilized in indoor scenes such as conference rooms and medical waiting rooms, presenting a sharp picture with abundant details; and AM series, a transparent display for the rental market, the size of the module is merely 500*250mm, which is convenient to install and can be used as the LED ceiling.


The address of the ISE2022 exhibition is Fira Barcelona, Gran Via. INFiLED's booth is located in Hall 3 3B400. During the exhibition period, professionals provide services for all customers who are interested in our products. Moreover, INFiLED's EMEA showroom in central Barcelona is open every afternoon to customers wishing to have a tour, with event tickets available to visit booth 3B400.


INFiLED is an international high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale LED video equipment. Up to now, INFiLED's products were exported to 85 countries and applied in various fields including advertising, transportation, sports, events, corporate branding, conferences, and creative applications. Focusing on independent innovation and continuous improvement, INFiLED is striving to be a top brand of LED screen manufacturer to enlighten the world with a visual feast.