INFiLED LED Displays Built up a Fantastic Stage for Saga Festival

Be it the first edition, Saga Festival 2021 from September 10th to 12th in Romania, Bucharest proved itself to be a tremendous victory embracing more than 130,000 people worldwide and bringing revenue of about a 25million Euros. This dance music festival aimed to bring home imagination and creativity after being postponed for two years due to covid-19 and ignited the passion of the whole city by delivering an unforgettable 3-day-long audiovisual spectacular.

INFiLED LED Displays Built up a Fantastic Stage for Saga Festival

INFiLED was super excited to engage in this unprecedented event as the provider of LED displays. Five customized triangular LED displays stood in the central position of the main stage, perfectly duplicating the icon of the Saga Festival, while smaller ones formed slim lines around it. With more than 2000 square meters of LED panels, it produced ultra-clear and vivid images changing with the rhythm of music, creating an extremely immersive atmosphere that thrilled all the participants.

INFiLED LED Displays Built up a Fantastic Stage for Saga Festival

As a specialist in rental/staging solutions, INFiLED developed a list of products catering to the particular requirements in this application field. AR and AM series combined together to construct the significant installations for Saga Festival. Both feature lightweight & thin frames, easy assembly & disassembly, and easy maintenance. The AM series has a hollow structure offering almost 80% transparency, allowing a large amount of ambient light to penetrate through. Thus, the stage would look much more gorgeous.

About the AM Series

In addition to its 80% transparency for light penetration, the AM series has some more advantages. The perimeter of the cabinet is reinforced by an extra frame, better protecting the LEDs from physical damage. Fast lock system and modulized power unit enable quick hanging and stacking installation.

About the AR series

The AR series is a high-performance rental solution for both outdoor and indoor applications. Magnets and positioning pins on the edge of cabinets, as well as the fast lock system, facilitate alignment and assembly. Tool-free service is supported from either the front or the rear side. Moreover, it offers a wide range of accessories, such as truss brackets, stacking pedestal and set cart, designed to minimize the setup time.


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