Audio Spectrum Makes Display Solution for Togg at CES2023, with XII Series Displays

Audio Spectrum Makes Display Solution for Togg at CES2023, with INFiLED XII Series LED Displays

On January 8, 2023, the CES exhibition came to an end at the Las Vegas Convention Center. At this exhibition, the Togg Digital Mobility Garden created by Togg electric vehicle company from Turkey left a deep impression on the attendees. The garden was set up with stunning high-tech facilities, including four INFiLED XII series displays built by Audio Spectrum, for attendees to learn about Togg's innovative design.

In the Togg Digital Mobility Garden, the most attractive is its circular major showcase booth. A cyberpunk-style vehicle couch was set in the middle of the booth, and an XII series curved display is placed in front of it. The display featured a resolution of 4608x2048 and an inward curvature of 7.15°, when it presented dynamic sceneries, those sitting on the couch can experience the joy of taking a Togg vehicle virtually.

Moreover, the upper side of the booth was also equipped with a gorgeous curved display. This display was composed of 64 XII series cabinets, with a pixel pitch of 1.95 and a brightness of 1200nits, enabling Togg's logo and futuristic background design to be presented in ultra-high-definition, while making it easy for attendees to find Togg's booth in the exhibition.

Behind Togg's impressive booth, there was a hidden tunnel. A super-large curved display was installed inside the tunnel, which was used to show Togg's vision for the future development of new energy vehicles. Its resolution was 7680*2048, and it had 14-bit grayscale, which can display a wide range of hues, present strong visual impact, and achieve almost perfect color expression.

In addition to the major booth, there was an independent AI experience room in the corner of Togg Digital Mobility Garden. In this room, a display with a 20-degree inner arc is installed against the wall. With a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a wide viewing angle of 160°, the display had great visual appeal. After entering the experience room, attendees can clearly see their digital twins (created by Togg's AI technology) on the display and virtually experience Togg designed future lifestyle.

About INFiLED XII series

The XII series is an ideal option for creative LED display installations featuring extremely smooth curves and wide viewing angles. With a bend angle that can reach up to ±30° and 7 position adjustment gears, it can achieve various installation possibilities. This series combines innovative design and patented modules, allowing the replacement of the power and data unit without tools for easy maintenance.


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