Wuxi xiaolou alley

Xiaolou Alley is a historical and cultural district located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. In 2008, it was protective reconstructed by the Government and made to a downshifting experience block.

Installed on the wall of the entrance to the alleyway, the 5.73x3.6m INFiLED NL4 (p4) led display is part of the reconstructed. Abandoning the traditional Wooden signage, Xiaolou Alley decorated with high-definition and brightness led NL4 (P4) display which specially for fixed application.

As the carrier of information with the important mission of providing convenience for tourists and enhance attraction. The led display also plays a role in decorating the site and beautifying the environment with lifelike pictures and the extraordinary display effect.

The NL4 (P4) display combines the benefits of the old versions fixed display and was upgraded from the L-Series. The NL4 (P4) display is IP65 front and rear, windproof and rainproof. The common cathode design makes it more green energy efficient. Front and rear maintenance is optional, and the cabinet with front maintenance is lighter and thinner. Universal module, independent control can be removed from the front for more convenient installation and maintenance.

In the future, the LED display will undoubtedly have more space development and widespread in more application areas of tourist attractions.

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