INFILED LED Displays Offer Profound Retail Experience

INFiLED and the Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Group recently collaborated to offer consumers a unique retail experience with a state-of-the-art large round-shaped LED display.

INFILED LED Displays Offer Profound Retail Experience 1

Yitian Holiday Plaza is located in the OCT of Nanshan district with a total gross floor area of ​​approximately 100,000 square meters. It integrates Shops, Office, and Hotel services in one, aiming to deliver a one stop shop experience and convenience to visitors. Under the rapidly evolving 5G, 3D and AI technologies, new concepts of “smart consumption” and “new retail” move the Yitian Holiday Group to constantly look for enhanced shopping experiences.

Standing on the escalator on the first floor, customers come across a spectacular large digital installation in a shape of an “LED Hollow Moon”. This round hanging installation was created with the INFiLED GX series, combining three different pitch pitches: the inner of the circle is P2.2mm, the middle is P2.5mm, and the outer is P2.8mm. The total size is around 100 sqm with an arc length of 6.5 m and a height of 1.5 m. The result combines highly enhanced image quality and uniformity across the LED panels despite using three different pixel pitches.

INFILED LED Displays Offer Profound Retail Experience 2

Viewed from a distance, the "LED Hollow Moon" emits dazzling and mysterious colors, blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment, creating a charming visual effect and attracting the attention of passers-by. Taking the escalator, while customers slowly ascend, are surrounded by the colors until they merge entirely into this unique leisure experience.

"With the continued evolution of technology and increasing consumer demand, the relationship between the AV and Retail industries have become notably close" says Lishan Yang, Vice President of Sales of INFiLED. "Product quality is essential but not is the only value that the LED display industry should focus on. Our goal is to design and customize suitable LED panels that integrate with the surrounding environment harmoniously and deliver striking and beautiful effects."

INFILED LED Displays Offer Profound Retail Experience 3

Since 2017, INFiLED works closely with the Yitian Holiday Group offering high-quality products and services creating wonderful case after case for the Yitian Holiday Plaza.

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