AMT Series Product Launch


June 6 – INFiLED is proud to announce the launch of the AMT Series, a revolutionary transparent LED screen product perfect for outdoor events such as music festivals, sporting events, and live concerts. The AMT Series is designed with outstanding transparency, a lightweight structure, and effortless setup, making it the ideal display solution for live events.


INFiLED’s AMT Series represents a significant advancement in outdoor LED screen technology, reflecting our commitment to innovation and quality. This product launch underscores our dedication to supporting the artistic community, especially in the digital realm, by providing cutting-edge display solutions.


AMT Key features



Remarkable Transparency:


This innovative series screen shines through at 70% transparency, ideal for presenting creative content and featuring unique visuals. Featuring an outstanding brightness of 5000nits and an impressive refresh rate of 3840Hz, it plays crystal-clear and dynamic content for any outdoor event; besides, when the screen is placed in music-playing events, its triangular LED modules refract the acoustics, creating an immersive audiovisual experience for audiences.


Superior Durability:


The durability of LEDs in the AMT series is enhanced through a three-layer adhesive bonding technique. This technique encompasses bottom sealing, injection molding, and surface spraying. Additionally, this series employs an encapsulation method that covers all five sides of the LEDs. This ensures the protection of the LEDs while maintaining the color, brightness, and viewing angle of the light emission surface.


Moreover, a distinctive gluing method is used in AMT series module production, providing them with anti-static, moisture-resistant, dust-resistant, and mildew-resistant qualities. These modules have excellent fire resistance and comply with UL94-V0 standards. Besides, the magnesium alloy frame incorporates built-in collision strips providing the modules with additional protection.


Well-designed Structure:


In terms of structure, the AMT series features a carbon fiber frame that combines lightweight design and long-lasting strength. Without a wind brace, each cabinet weighs a mere 15kg, while with the inclusion of a wind brace, it reaches 20kg. For added convenience, the wind-resistant frame (optional) is portable, detachable, and can withstand wind speeds of up to 20m/s; it is also suitable for use as a climbing frame during on-site maintenance activities and comes equipped with safety locks to avoid unintended operation.


Easy installation:


Regarding the installation, the cabinets within this series can be either hung or stacked, allowing for a maximum height of 18 meters. Also, these cabinets support concave or convex curved screen setups, enabling the realization of innovative display projects with a curvature range of 0, ±5°, ±10°. Moreover, the cabinets feature side buckle locks and large positioning columns for easy alignment and a strong connection. Another advantage is that setting up or removing an entire row of cabinets is easy.

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