INFiLED 15 Anniversary


January 2024 – INFiLED marks a significant milestone as it celebrates its 15th anniversary!

For INFiLED, this milestone represents more than just a number; it symbolizes a journey of innovation, growth, and expertise. The 15th anniversary stands as evidence to INFiLED´s consistent excellence in LED technology.

As part of the anniversary celebration, INFiLED will showcase new product launches and the most innovative led display solutions during the ISE 2024 in Barcelona. Another of the special releases during ISE and the rest of the year is a meaningful anniversary logo and claim titled “Consistent Excellence.” This phrase summarizes the essence of what makes INFiLED a leading force in the industry – a consistent dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect.


In addition, and taking advantage of this milestone, INFiLED is excited to embrace a new dimension – a closer connection with the digital artistic community. This exciting venture is set to reveal during ISE 2024, where exciting partnerships with innovative artists such as Alex Maltsev and TIGRE LAB from Barcelona will take place.

As we celebrate this 15 years journey, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Together, let’s explore the limitless possibilities and redefine the future of LED technology.

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