INFiLED Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence with Innovative LED Technology Showcase at ISE 2024 


Presenting New Technologies and Artistic Collaboration, INFiLED Marks its 15th Anniversary

Barcelona, Spain, 23 January 2024 – INFiLED, a leading global manufacturer of LED displays, has today announced it is to exhibit ISE 2024, the world’s premier audiovisual and systems integration exhibition, celebrating its 15th anniversary with the theme “Consistent Excellence.” This major milestone reflects INFiLED’s journey of growth alongside its customers and partners, underlining the collective commitment that has been a cornerstone of its success.

Throughout the event, taking place In Barcelona from January 30th to February 2nd, visitors to the INFiLED’s stand 3C100 (hall 3) will experience the latest innovations in LED display technology. This will include demonstrations of INFiLED’s latest solutions such as Infinite Colors and CBSF Technology. Also, new product launches are going to be showcased: the new VW54 Series, a control room LED display and INFiLED´s RS and AMT Series, two new solutions for the rental market.

As every ISE, INFiLED will hold an esteemed lineup of partners to showcase cutting-edge innovations in the realm of audiovisual technology. The synergy between INFiLED and its partners, including Haivision, Brompton, Disguise, Canon, G&D and Cyviz, represents a convergence of expertise.

Latest Innovations and Showcases at ISE 2024

About VW54 Series

Designed with user convenience in mind, the VW54 Series boasts unparalleled ease of installation and maintenance. Compatible with both front and rear maintenance, this innovative product aligns seamlessly with VESA installation methods, effortlessly replacing traditional LCD splicing display walls. Moreover, power supply maintenance is executed independently, guaranteeing uninterrupted screen functionality.

Safety takes centre stage with the VW54 Series. By eliminating AC power in favour of a DC power supply, the product not only ensures reliable operation but also prioritises user safety. The separation of the screen body from the power supply enhances user comfort and guarantees a quiet, low-heat operation, setting a new benchmark for silent, efficient performance in LED displays.

About RS and AMT Series

INFiLED RS and AMT new solutions for the LED display rental market, distinguishes itself with a sleek, weight-reducing design that simplifies the frame structure, resulting in an astonishingly light 8.6kg per cabinet. This design not only meets but exceeds the demand for easy transportation and swift installation, making it an ideal choice for the dynamic rental market. Beyond its featherweight appeal, the RS series boasts wide viewing angles and exceptional image quality, ensuring a captivating visual experience. What truly sets it apart is the incorporation of INFiLED’s patented quick-lock system for cabinet connection, enabling a remarkable installation speed of just five seconds. This revolutionary feature not only enhances efficiency but also emphasises INFiLED’s commitment to seamless, user-friendly experiences.

The AMT series boasts a meticulously designed framework, providing a modern industrial aesthetic while ensuring robust durability. The incorporation of embedded modules within the frame not only enhances the display’s visual appeal but also serves as a protective measure against potential damage. One of the standout features of the AMT8.3 series is its innovative modules, utilising INFiLED’s cutting-edge encapsulation process to cover all five sides of the LED. This not only safeguards the LEDs but also maintains the colour, brightness and viewing angle of the light-emitting surface. Furthermore, the AMT series modules surpass industry safety standards, achieving a plastics flammability rating of UL94-V0, surpassing conventional hollow screen modules’ PCBs.

With a transparency rate of up to 70% and an impressive brightness of 5000nits, the AMT8.3 series delivers an unparalleled visual experience, capturing attention with its stunning display quality. The quick setup feature, facilitated by easy-to-install components and front and rear disassembling modules, ensures a hassle-free installation process.


INFiLED´s Agenda at ISE 2024

Let’s Celebrate 15 years of shared dreams!

INFiLED is thrilled to announce the celebration of its 15th anniversary with an exclusive event at its Experience Center in Barcelona. This milestone celebration aims to commemorate the company´s journey throughout these years.

“As we celebrate our 15th anniversary this year, INFiLED is proud to reaffirm our commitment to ‘Consistent Excellence’, ” said Marco Bruines, INFiLED EMEA CEO “This theme is more than a reflection on our journey– it’s a tribute to the enduring relationships and shared achievements with our customers and partners. It also embodies our promise to maintain excellence in every aspect of our operations and product offerings, both honouring our past and looking to the future.”

Partnering with the artistic community

In a groundbreaking collaboration, INFiLED is pleased to announce its partnership with Alex Maltsev, a visionary 3D winning artist of numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding work on various 3D and design projects. The collaboration between Alex and INFiLED will extend across content creation for screens, with the official launch during ISE. This collaboration promises to showcase the seamless integration of Maltsev’s visionary artistry with INFiLED’s cutting-edge display technology.

In addition, during ISE 2024, INFiLED will collaborate with other member of the artistic community dedicated to digital art and innovation, the Barcelona-based creative studio Tigre Lab. This collaboration, titled “Living the Art Experience,” will feature exclusive content for INFiLED screens at the Barcelona Experience Center.

INFiLED’s dedication to working together with the digital artistic community is evident in its commitment to providing a platform for artists to showcase their talents and push the boundaries of creativity.

Website Launch Announcement

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, INFiLED will unveil its latest digital project at ISE 2024. This new initiative aims to strengthen the company digital presence, providing enhanced accessibility to information, interaction, and communication with valued clients and partners. The launch of this website signifies the commitment of INFiLED to staying at the forefront of the digital landscape and facilitating seamless connections within the ever-growing ecosystem. This website launch will be showcased during ISE 2024.

Join INFiLED and our panel of international industry partners, including Cyviz, Disguise, Brompton and Haivision, for debates on the revolutionary topics driving the AV industry!

(30/1 – 31/1 – 01/02 – 02/02):
11.30: BROMPTON – Show the True Colors: Discover RGBW Technology

  • Cesar Cáceres, Product Lead BROMPTON

(30/1 – 31/1 – 01/02):
13.30: HAIVISION – Unique AV Challenges of a Control Room

  • Aaron Leiker VP Sales, Operation Centers, HAIVISION

(30/1 – 31/1 – 01/02):
15.00: CYVIZ – Reimagine the Workplace as a Destination

  • Jan Petter, President Europe Cyviz

(30/1 – 31/1 – 01/02):
16.00: Disguise – Behind the booth: Future-proof your broadcast studio

  • David Jorba, VP of Business Development Broadcast, DISGUISE

12.30: EXPERTS PANEL – Back to the Front Row: Exploring Changes and Challenges in Live Event Experiences:

  • Cesar Cáceres, Product Lead at BROMPTON
  • Gareth Jeanne, Co-founder & Managing Director at Universal Pixels
  • Patrice Fontaine, Senior Business Developer at Faber Audiovisual
  • Alessandro Rosani – CTO at STS Communication

Meet with INFiLED at ISE 2024

To schedule a meeting with an INFiLED representative at ISE 2024, please contact your local Sales Manager or contact us at [email protected]
Use INFiLED invitation code 5RRZANW0 to register for the show.


INFiLED is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing large LED video equipment. INFiLED’s product application range covers advertising, transport, sports, events, command & control, corporate branding and meetings, creative applications and much more. With installations in over 87 countries and over 200 patents, one of the highest numbers in the industry, INFiLED is striving to be a top LED screen manufacturing brand to light up the world with a visual feast!

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