INFiLED Unveils Breakthrough ArmorLED Technology for Enhanced LED Screen Durability and Reliability


INFiLED has introduced its cutting-edge ArmorLED Technology, setting a new standard for the durability and reliability of LED screens. This breakthrough technology boasts 3-5 times the thrust of standard LEDs, effectively mitigating the risks of damage during operation, installation, or transportation. ArmorLED Technology achieves this through four key techniques, including the M2/M4 LED, GOE Process, SMT Process, and optimized PCB Pad, culminating in a more resilient display solution.

M2/M4 LEDs: Double the Pins, Doubling the Strength

Traditional LEDs typically feature a 4-pin configuration, but INFiLED’s ArmorLED leverages the M2 and M4 packaging designs, increasing the number of pins to 8 or more. This enhancement enlarges the soldering area, dramatically improving welding strength and boosting thrust by double.


GOE Process: Seamlessly Filling Gaps for Superior LED Performance

INFiLED addresses the issue of gaps between the LED and PCB with precision using its GOE (Glue-On Electronics) Process. This method utilizes advanced equipment to meticulously control the glue’s amount and placement, effectively eliminating gaps and reinforcing the LED-PCB connection. This robust bonding ensures heightened protection and maintains exceptional display quality.


SMT Process: Mastering Expertise, Precision, and Reliability in Soldering

With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and extensive data analysis, INFiLED has refined its approach to Surface Mount Technology (SMT) in three aspects: INFiLED’s expertise in stencil design, precise control of SMT reflow soldering temperature, and the use of high-precision SMT equipment. This comprehensive strategy ensures soldering of the highest reliability, offering unparalleled strength and establishing a benchmark of excellence in the industry.


PCB Pad: Optimizing Pad Dimensions for Enhanced Soldering Connections

The PCB Pad, which facilitates the attachment of components to the PCB through soldering, plays a crucial role in the LED’s soldering quality. INFiLED carefully determines the optimal pad size to secure a strong and durable bond between the LED and PCB. This optimization significantly enhances the overall stability and longevity of the LED.

In conclusion, INFiLED’s ArmorLED Technology significantly increases thrust, reducing the likelihood of LED damage and enhancing both durability and reliability. This innovative approach not only elevates screen performance but also lowers maintenance costs, showing INFiLED’s dedication to providing dependable LED display solutions.


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