Infinite Colors by INFiLED


Infinite Colors is INFiLED’s latest technology, offering an extended color spectrum in LED display solutions.

In contrast to the traditionally used LED display solutions, which struggle with the limitations of RGB technology, Infinite Colors expands the color spectrum, unlocking a wealth of variations in tone, saturation, and appearance. This permits a much broader, customisable light spectrum, replicating the desired light conditions.

Video displays, as we know them, have always been RGB-based. A combination of Red, Green, and Blue can reproduce most colors, but with many light spectrum limitations, particularly in white light. The advent of Virtual Production and the use of video LED screens as lighting elements necessitated a complete product development overhaul.

In the LED Lighting industry, the limited color spectrum using only RGB emitters was apparent from the early days, so a combination of RGB, warm white, cold white, and amber became a standard. This was a relatively easy adaptation, but for video, a bigger challenge arose as video is recorded in RGB.Infinite Colors technology introduces a fourth emitter in a custom-designed LED package, enhancing the color spectrum viewed from professional cameras on virtual production stages that use LED display ceilings.

The inclusion of a warm white emitter to RGB enables us to bring the color spectrum closer to how color is perceived in daylight using RGBW.

Integrating an additional color emitter in a video display is an exceedingly complex process, as each pixel color needs to be measured at the full-color spectrum to recalculate in real time what the additional emitter needs to display.

In the past, some solutions introduced LED display screens using more than three colors per pixel, but they all failed because the required processing, calibration software and hardware were simply not available at that time.

Today, INFiLED’s Infinite Colors technology, along with the cutting-edge solutions from Brompton Technology such as True light and the G1 receiver card, paves a new path for the future of AV productions. It combines the best lighting canvas with the best engine for a unique experience that brings an unprecedented extended color spectrum, all in one display solution package.

Infinite Colors enhances a variety of applications by controlling full variations in tone, saturation, and color appearance of the screen in white light and custom colors.

Light color can be customised for every AV production need, delivering fine-tuned high-quality whites to create the perfect lighting for broadcasting, cinema, advertising, live events, and so on. It allows you to craft and recreate any light you desire.

We can improve color and texture reproduction and achieve higher Color Rendering Index (CRI). Especially, human facial tones appear more natural when illuminated by an Infinite Colors video display.

Light is an intangible asset of immense value for these professionals, and we have developed a system that permits maximum customisation of the spectrum and infinite colors to perfectly cater to the specific needs of each shoot, broadcast, event, and so on.

In this way, we enhance audiovisual quality, perception, and chromatic reproduction, creating more realistic textures. In essence, lighting is tailored to people, spaces, types of productions, etc.

We streamline and simplify the process to recreate infinite colors and personalised lighting in your audiovisual productions.

With Infinite Colors, recreating the light and color you have dreamed will be significantly easier.

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