Control Rooms

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LED display solutions for Control rooms
Control rooms

High-definition screens are crucial when delivering an accurate and reliable visual experience. It can make all the difference in critical decision-making environments, where there is no room for failure.

Professionals dedicated to controlling, monitoring, and even directing remote operations, need visual media that faithfully show all actions to make the best decision in real time.
Anticipate the future

INFiLED display solutions are created to monitor all kinds of information in perfect detail and have been designed to be operative 24/7 offering clear and crisp visuals.

INFiLED screens can be adapted to any control-room needs, offering maximum reliability and high-performance display solutions that ensure continuous fail-safe operation. Create the best visual medium to transform information into knowledge, improving and strengthening decision making in critical situations.

Monitor your world
as never before

Customized display solutions
Visual accuracy

Customized screens with excellent visual performance, high refresh rate. Designed with power and signal redundancy for added safety.

Flexible design

Modular compositions can be adapted to the specific needs and formats of each control room.

Energy saving

The updated generation of the INFiLED series features 20% lower power consumption. Energy saving in 24/7 operating conditions, extending their life span up to 100.000h.

Easy maintenance

Easy access for maintenance and removing and repairing any damaged LED module.

Comfortable & silent

Low heat dissipation and zero noise make it ideal for complex work environments that require maximum focus and precision.

Long life

Excellent thermal management of all electronic components dissipates heat and extends its service life.

If you can dream it you can display it

Everything is under control with the right display

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