Screen your vision

LED display solutions for corporate spaces
Coporate spaces

Screens are part of our daily life and working environment, being an essential tool for communication and collaborative work. Large displays create immersive experiences with our teams, partners, and clients.

We are experiencing a transformation of workspaces, increasingly dynamic and flexible environments that adapt to the real needs of people.
Empower your people

Screens are platforms for
communicating ideas, and for
sharing and viewing information

INFiLED solutions can be adapted to the needs of your corporate spaces, offering high-performance custom-made content platforms to connect, communicate and collaborate with customers, partners, and employees.

Good content requires visual supports covering both the functional needs of a workspace as well as the emotional aspects.

Turn your workspace into
an immersive experience

Customized display solutions
Super-slim & Lightweight

Exceptionally thin frame and slim design. The lightweight frame simplifies transport and installation.

Visual accuracy

Customised screens with excellent visual performance, high refresh rate and outstanding colour expression.

Easy maintenance

Easy access for maintenance and removing and repairing any damaged LED module.

Modular systems

Modular compositions can be adapted to the specific needs and formats of each corporate space.

Comfortable & silent

Low heat dissipation and zero noise make it ideal for work or education environments.

Energy saving

The updated generation of the INFiLED series features a 20% lower power consumption.

If you can dream it you can display it

Screens and corporations come together to elevate workspaces

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