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LED display solutions for DOOH

To gain engagement with your customers, you must offer excellent visibility, and dedication to customer success in order to secure confidence in your brand.

Transform the way customers see your business. DOOH advertising displays allow brands to be seen, enhance their reputation, generate traffic at points of sale and stand out from the competition.
Display in
the spotlight

Boosting customer engagement and sales around the world with INFiLED´s customised solutions, designed for diverse conditions and environments.

When it comes to digital signage displays, the strength of visualisation is to combine technical characteristics with aesthetic and marketing needs, creating realistic views of the results. Reach your audience at the right place and moment every time. INFiLED displays are the best canvas to promote, inform and inspire.

Drive your customers
to dream big

Customized display solutions
High visibility under any conditions

All INFiLED solutions offer excellent visual performance with a high refresh rate and extraordinary colour expression, even in the most challenging conditions.

Modular systems

Modular compositions can be adapted to the specific needs and formats of each display.

Thin & lightweight

Designed with an aluminium prole system frame that is much more durable than traditional magnesium panels.


Made resistant to perform in variable weather conditions and subjected to wet and corrosive elements. Front and rear IP65 waterproof levels ensure smooth and reliable operation under variable and extreme weather conditions.

Smart solutions

The Global Display Monitoring System (DMS) allows remote live monitoring of the screen´s key working conditions and functionality, from anywhere in the world.

Easy service access

Easy front and rear access for maintenance of any module.

Power consumption

Lower power consumption makes it ideal for energy saving in all day operating solutions, extending its lifespan.

If you can dream it you can display it

Screens and content can make an impact

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