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LED display rental solutions for events
Rental solutions

From fashion shows and concert stages to award ceremonies and special events, you must offer seasoned knowledge, expert execution, and dedication to customer success.

All live events have one thing in common: they start off with a great visual impact. Flexibility, performance and reliability with boundless adaptability to turn your ideas into reality.
Screens are alive

Create and host inspiring events around the world, with INFiLED´s customized solutions designed for diverse venues and audiences.

The fast pace of audio-visual technology development has led to enhanced expectations of how a live event should look. These are the occasions that need to deliver unforgettable experiences within tight deadlines.

with the world

Customized display solutions
Visual accuracy

Customised screens with excellent visual performance, high refresh rate and outstanding colour expression.

Flexible design

Modular compositions can be adapted to the specific needs and formats of each event or venue.

Durable & lightweight

Exceptionally light frame but with a robust and durable design that supports multiple installations. The lightweight frame simplifies transport as well as installation.

Secure & quick

INFiLED series has an easy-lock system and other features that simplify installation within tight deadlines.

Easy service access

Easy access for maintenance, removal and repair of any damaged LED module.

Energy saving

Low heat dissipation and low power consumption offer a more sustainable option for any project.

If you can dream it you can display it

Transform and event into an unforgettable spectacle

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