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LED display solutions for Retail
Retail spaces

INFiLED´s display solutions improve the entire shopping experience, from the appeal of the first visual contact, to help and guide in decision making with real-time information and promotions.

For a memorable shopping experience and for customers to be attracted and connected, retailers must create a unique immersive atmosphere that transports them to the essence and values of each brand.
Towards a new
shopping experience

INFiLED solutions can be adapted to all kinds of retail spaces, offering custom-made display possibilities for all moments of the shopping experience. Our screens can be adapted to your store design and brand guidelines, offering high-performance visuals and great immersive experiences.

Screens are not just a one-way communication channel; all retailers, shops, malls and department stores can use them as a direct way to transmit personalised content and messages, receiving feedback from customers.

Boost the
brand’s image

Customized display solutions
Visual accuracy

Customised screens with excellent visual performance, high refresh rate and outstanding colour expression.

Durable & lightweight

Exceptionally light frame but robust and durable design that simplifies both transport and installation.

Flexible design

Modular compositions can be adapted to the specific needs and formats of each retail space.

Easy ervice access

Easy access for maintenance, removal and repair of any damage LED module.

Energy saving

Low heat dissipation and low power consumption offer a more sustainable option for any project.

If you can dream it you can display it

Create emotional engaging retail spaces

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