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AMT Series

AMT series is a transparent LED screen product, ideal for various uses such as music festivals, sporting events, and live concerts
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ARmk2 Series

ARmk2 new generation series is lightweight and easy-to-install
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DBmk2 Series

DBmk2 Series new generation with the latest CBSF
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AM Series

AM Series is light and bright, the perfect display for spectacular indoor and outdoor events.
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AR Series

With the AR Series, infinite flexibility, infinite applications, and infinite colors are tailored to every occasion.
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ART Series

The ART Series unprecedented performance is crafted by professionals and loved by the industry.
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DB Series

DB Series' elevates broadcasting with spectacular curved panels and exclusive black leds.
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DFmk2 Series

DFII Series is robust, easy to assemble, and unleashes the power of innovative digital flooring.
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EZ Series

EZ Series is smart design, fast setup, easy maintenance and a visual feast.
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GXII Series

GXII Series is the strength and reliability every indoor and outdoor event needs.
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HR Series

HR Series revolutionizes the rental market with ultra-high definition and seamless upkeep.
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MV Edge Series

MV Edge Series is cutting-edge technology with seamless curves, high performance and low power consumption.
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MV Mesh Series

MV Mesh Series is the perfect solution for fixed and rental led displays.
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MV Series

MV Series delivers great image excellence, even in the most demanding environments.
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SF Series

SF Series is a canvas for unlimited creativity that offers intelligent flexibility.
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STUDIO Series is the system to design tailor-made stages with excepcional contrast, brightness, and color accuracy.
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TITAN-X Series

Titan X Series is the brightest option for easy setup and impressive visibility.
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WP Wrap Series

WP Wrap Series ensures a smooth and captivating curve effect for an immersive visual experience.
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WP Series

WP Series is the ultra-thin display your visuals are craving for.
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WT Series

WT Series is comfortable, ultra-thin, durable and offers the performance an indoor pixel pitch needs.
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Xmk2 Series

XII Series is a perfect blend of ultra-thin design, flexible modules, and adaptable curves.
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OREZ Series

OREZ series is energy efficient, light weight, high contrast, high-performance black leds for outdoor.
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SP Series

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Visual accuracy

High visual accuracy ensures stunning, crystal-clear visuals with vibrant colors and sharp contrast. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the resolution remains impeccable.

Modular systems

The modular solutions allow easy assembly and customization of display size and shape. Seamless connections between panels create an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Energy saving

Lower heat dissipation and reduced power consumption contribute to INFiLED’s ongoing commitment to sustainability

Easy maintenance

Our screens are designed for easy maintenance, ensuring that you spend less time on upkeep. They feature a quick-release mechanism for easy access to and removal of components.

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