Al Rajhi Bank

Corporate GXII Series Indoor


INFiLED, a global leader of LED display, is honored to had the opportunity to work with the biggest bank in Saudi Arabia.



In the ever-changing world of banking, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and provide customers a memorable experience. That’s exactly what INFiLED aimed to do when they were tasked with helping one of the biggest banks in Saudi Arabia to elevate the visual brand content.With a wide range of banking services offered, it was clear that the bank’s headquarters would be bustling with activity daily.We quickly realized we had to offer our partner a versatile product that would effectively showcase the brand’s content to all the bank’s clients.Nevertheless, the challenge didn’t end there – we also had to transition from static to dynamic visuals in accordance with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.



The INFiLED GX series LED display was carefully selected as the ideal solution for our client’s need, due to its exceptional versatility in size and design. This allowed us to customize the display to perfectly fit the client’s space, ensuring a seamless integration into their headquarters. Moreover, the GX locking system played a critical role in this project, offering a secure and reliable solution for the installation. The GX locking system provides a robust and durable lock that ensures the LED panels are firmly held in place. This innovative system also enables quick and easy access for maintenance or replacement, reducing downtime. The versatility of the INFiLED GX series LED display allowed for compatibility with multiple uses, making it an ideal solution for our client’s diverse range of banking services. In addition, the advanced visual performance of the INFiLED GX series LED display offers a superior viewing experience, with exceptional brightness, contrast, and color uniformity.



Our team of expert technicians has the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that all installations run smoothly and successfully. We provided pre-production advice and creative production services to help our client achieve the desired results. By working closely and understanding their needs,we were able to provideeffective solutions that exceeded expectations.



The client’s confidence in INFiLED’s ability to meet their needs was a result of the exceptional service and support provided by the company. From the initial consultation to the final installation, INFiLED’s team of experts provided invaluable guidance and support, ensuring that the project was completed on time and within budget. The screens have created an innovative and captivating environment that has enhanced their communication and content strategy.

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