Central Tour d’Indochine

Rental Titan-X Series Outdoor

PRG and INFiLED co-design the largest circular screen ever installed for a live show

For the 40th anniversary celebration of the French pop rock band Indochine. INFiLED and long-term partner Production Resource Group (PRG) joined forces to create this record-breaking installation with over 2400sqmof LED display. The semi-transparent 360° screen is the largest circular installation ever done for a live concert. The screen is created by INFiLED and PRG Projects to meet the demanding requirements of the Central Tour for the French band Indochine.

The story begins with a stage design for the final show, based on a sketch by the lead singer of the French pop-rockband, Nicola Sirkis. It was an inspiring challenge for the technical teams to realize this vision. According to Stéphane Desch, Director of Production, “Building a 360° tower in the midst of the stadium with the audio and lights inside will allow everyone to see better and be engaged in the pure musical performance and the aesthetic presence. “We started from the several sketches he provided me of his ideas from approximately two years ago. To bring this notion to reality, the Production worked closely with PRG, who provided lighting, video, and rigging for this project. In fact, the end result is highly similar to his initial design.

Two divisions of PRG, PRG France and PRG Projects, oversaw the lighting and video packages. To fit the requirements of the challenging but design of the tower, a new LED panel had to be developed. After many years of thight collaboration with INFiLED, PRG decided to join forces. Design and R&D teams from Belgium, China and the UK collaborated, and worked for over nine months to design the TITAN-X, the perfect LED solution for the giant tower.

The 360° tower consisting of TITAN-X Series, was created and produced for the tour in response to Nicola Sirkis’ vision. One of the main requirements was integrating the sound system, lighting, and all the cabling within the tower behind the LED screen.

“The height of the screen meant that we had to create a new, very light product that offered all the features of the PRG Spaceframe, including wind bracing, built into it. At the same time, we needed a product with a transparency of over 70% to allow the sound to penetrate from the back of the screen into the stadium. This meant we needed to develop a new product.” stated Frederic Opsomer, General Manager of PRG Projects.


“INFiLED and PRG worked together closely to develop the TITAN-X. From the first drawing to a 1,850 m2 setup, the collaboration and the combination of PRG’s knowhow and INFiLED’s agile developing capability played a major role. R&D teams from Belgium, the UK and China worked tirelessly during more than nine months on this project and created a robust, mesh rental and touring solution with the foldable X-frame structure for a new level of stability, ” stated Michael Hao, CEO of INFiLED. “We are delighted to have collaborated with such a long-term and strong partner like PRG on this impressive project.”

Opsomer added: “INFiLED is a very capable manufacturer that understands the quality needs of the concert touring market. By adding our market expertise, we were able to jointly bring a unique solution to the market.”


About the INFiLED TITAN-X series

INFiLED – TITAN-X is a high-transparency large-format outdoor touring LED solution. It features a pixel pitch of 8.3mm as well as a high transparency rate of 70%, offering outstanding display performance for state-of-the-art stage visual effects.

Each cabinet offers extensive load capacity and advanced overall stability due to its unique rear triangular foldable wind bracing system which can resist wind speeds of 20m/sec for outdoor events, while the screen can reach heights of up to 24meters. The extra-large 1200x1200mm cabinets feature a unique design with an innovative lifting operation from the dolly that pushes installation time to a new level. Its dedicated dolly system allows for easy transportation and makes installation more efficient. The foldable bracing design of each cabinet saves on storage space and even with extra accessories, the cabinets can still be transported in their dollies. Featuring a high brightness of 5000nits and IP65 protection, it’s a reliable and robust choice under any light and weather conditions.

The TITAN-X can be customized and assembled at angles of ±15 giving it the ability to adapt to unlimited stage and creative design requirements such as a curve effect.

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