Dongba Wanda Plaza

DOOH MV Series MV Edge Series Outdoor

An astonishing 3D screen built by INFiLED at Dongba Wanda Plaza

In September, Wanda Plaza in Chaoyang District, Beijing started the business. To engage all the customers from around, this modern general shopping mall set up an eye-catching naked-eye 3D screen on its façade. The screen was made by INFiLED, showing stunning visual effects and giving customers a unique vision.

The newly opened Wanda Plaza is located in Dongba, one of the key development areas in Chaoyang District. This area covers 32 communities and gathers over 200,000 population. To make shopping more accessible, comfortable, and entertaining to attract consumers, Wanda Plaza has introduced more than 250 brand stores and invested heavily in mall facilities, including the naked-eye 3D screen.

The three-dimensional, dreamy visual impact of a 3D screen is mainly related to how natural the connection between the flat and curved surfaces of the screen is. INFiLED is experienced in the manufacturing and installation of this type of screen. In this project, all LED modules for the 3D screen with a total size of 43m*15m were made of MV series. After completion, a superior screen without an obvious seam came up.

To give customers the best visual experience, the screen installed in Wanda Plaza was quite outstanding in terms of display. With a brightness of 5000nits, this outdoor screen can display wonderful 3D content to everyone day and night. In other respects, the great features of this screen include its refresh rate of 3840Hz and resolution of 7224*2520, which support the screen playing sort of videos well in smoothly.

About MV series

MV series is a superior LED display product, which is broadly applied to a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios, including city squares, commercial pedestrian zones, and transportation hubs. With the durable aluminum profile frame and high IP rating, the series can maintain efficient and stable work without being affected by direct ultraviolet rays, continuous vibration, and severe weather conditions.

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