Explore the DB series screen at the UE virtual filming base in Yuanchuang Bay

xR & VP STUDIO Series Indoor

In April, the UE virtual filming base at Yuanchuang Bay in Jiading District, Shanghai officially completed construction. The base is equipped with an 11.25m2 DB series screen and other professional large audiovisual equipment, in preparation for future exploration in the field of Unreal Engine and development of the automobile metaverse.


The automotive industry in the region where Yuanchuang Bay is located is thriving. The introduction of Unreal Engine and virtual production in the bay aims to create a new industrial landscape. By utilizing advanced technologies such as VR and AR, vehicle designers can effectively work in an incredibly lifelike virtual space, simulate user-driving scenarios, and perform simulated tests on all aspects of upcoming cars.


The DB series screen functions as a medium for showcasing virtual scenes designed by the Yuanchuang Bay production crew. The INFiLED technicians team efficiently installed it at the UE virtual filming base in a single day. The compact and lightweight design of each cabinet in this series (measuring 500*500*75.5mm and weighing only 8.8kg) facilitated a hassle-free assembly of the indoor screen.


In terms of display performance, the screen exhibited excellent clarity due to its pixel pitch of only 2.6mm. Additionally, it boasted a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 and 14-bit greyscale, enabling it to showcase vibrant and smooth color gradients. With its high-definition capabilities and precise color rendering, this top-notch screen played a crucial role in the video creation process at the UE virtual filming base.


About DB series


DB series, a product designed for indoor applications, can be used in showrooms, virtual filming studios, live broadcast studios, and so on. It has a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees, and a refresh rate of 3840Hz, showing excellent playback effects. In addition, this series of screens also supports being made into a curved screen, reaching an angle of ±5 degrees.




Founded in 2009, INFiLED is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of LED displays. INFiLED’s products were exported to 87 countries and applied in various fields including DOOH, live events, sports, retail, and corporate. Focusing on innovation, INFiLED is striving to be the best in the industry.

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