Guangzhou Nansha Waterfront Plaza

Corporate GXII Series Outdoor

INFiLED LED Display Presents at TIMETABLE Youth Innovation Base

July 2021, Guangzhou’s construction project of “Chuangxiangwan TIMETABLE Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Innovation Base” in Nansha District has been in full swing since its launch. The base aims to provide more opportunities and support for Hong Kong and Macau youths to innovate and start businesses. The LED display supplied and built by INFiLED was lit up recently and became a beautiful new landscape in Nansha Waterfront Plaza.


The INFiLED LED display installing on the exterior wall of the outdoor elevator. Generally speaking, the primary purpose of the outdoor elevator is to transport passengers to each building floor quickly. This innovative combination with LED displays upgrades the appearance of the elevator and broadens its use-value. The screen on the wall can become a publicity medium for the brands and businesses of the entrepreneurial base and help the cultural construction of the ground, spread the construction concept, and strengthen the exclusive characteristics.


INFiLED LED screens decorate three outdoor lifts in the square, and all spliced by GX 3.9 series to a total screen area of 175 square meters. The lively posters and videos are displayed on the screen, making the pale outdoor lift walls come alive, and providing an exciting viewing experience for pedestrians passing by. Facing the changeable outdoor environment, the protection level of the GX series is as high as IP65, which can easily resist various situations.


In addition, the GX series cabinets are light and thin, which is convenient to install and transport. Front and rear maintenance supported makes maintenance work more efficiently. Meanwhile, the 4.5V energy-saving chip can effectively reduce the display’s energy consumption, making the display green and environmentally friendly.

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