INFiLED & VITELSA’s Display Solutions for a European Government Institution

Rental Corporate WP Series Indoor

In 2023, INFiLED partnered with VITELSA, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the design and implementation of advanced solutions and services in audiovisual technology, security and communications for the Audiovisual, Government, Educational, Corporate, Exhibition and Cultural Sectors. The installation was for a European Government Institution, specialized in intellectual property rights.

The client was looking for a complete renovation of their facilities, with the objective of improving the visual experience and eliminating the back and floor screens in the main room, ensuring the optimization of the visibility of the contents from any point of the space.

VITELSA’s engineering department proposed a state-of-the-art solution to meet the client’s requirements and it was decided to include INFILED WP systems, specifically the installation of 6 WP1.87 screens, each measuring 3.6 x 2 meters. These high-quality LED displays were equipped with a redundant Nova H2 driver to ensure smooth and reliable performance. The selected WP series is wall-mounted, ultra-thin and lightweight for fixed installations. It features 16:9 aspect ratio cabinets that allow for FHD resolutions and redundant power and signal options.


The key challenge of this project was twofold. First, it involved fabricating a custom structure to suspend the 6 screens, considering the room’s unique layout and architectural considerations. Secondly, the installation required meticulous attention to detail as the screens were mounted line by line.

The success of the installation was a transformational change to the facilities at the important institution, as it improved the overall visibility of content within the room. The control system ensured uninterrupted operation, contributing to a seamless user experience.

In conclusion, INFILED’s innovative solution successfully responded to the client’s need to completely renovate its facilities. The complexity of the project, including the custom fabrication of the structure and meticulous installation, underscored INFILED’s commitment to providing customized, high-quality solutions to its clients. The result was a visually appealing and technologically advanced environment for their intellectual property.

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