Le Débat broadcast live on TF1 and France·2

xR & VP DB Series SF Series XII Series STUDIO Series Indoor

INFiLED provided screens for the scene of the French presidential debate

Le Débat between French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen was broadcast live on TF1 and France·2 (the Le Débat is a joint broadcast by these two broadcast stations). In the broadcast studio, the LED displays were all provided by INFiLED.

At nine o’clock on the night of the debate, the two final presidential candidates began a face-to-face conversation in the studio, expressing their opinions and proposals on domestic and foreign issues respectively. Behind the two debaters, a picture of the Elysee Palace with the words “Le Débat” was presented on the INFiLED DB2.6 curved screen.

In general, the background of the studio is required to echo the theme of the live broadcast, and applying quality LED displays is an excellent method to achieve this. On this occasion, the DB series main screen provided by INFiLED just completely conveys the background design ideals of the TF1 production team and echoes the theme of the Le Débat.


The main screen features moderate brightness, and smooth color gradation, making the image of the presidential palace vibrantly presented, coupled with a high grayscale of 16bit, the layered red, white, and blue design elements (the constituent colors of the French flag) are also delicately shown. Besides, at a refresh rate of 3840Hz, the text content at the top of the screen fluently switched, effectively conveying the real-time progress information of the Le Débat. As a whole, the theme of the French presidential debate was explicitly expressed through the INFiLED screen.

From a spatial perspective, in addition to a conspicuous background, the studio also requires other decorations as embellishments to make the whole environment has a sense of atmosphere. While the long row display made of X Series mounted above the main screen just achieves that.

In terms of specifications, the adopted X series has a brightness of 1200nits and a pixel pitch of 2.97mm, making the logos of TF1 and France·2 displayed clearly. Moreover, this series of modules can achieve a bend angle of up to 20° and support hoisting, hence the whole long curved screen is also quite convenient to install.


As is known to all, an indispensable element of live streaming is the hosts, who are responsible for linking the entire program process. Since the protagonists of Le Débat are two presidential candidates, so the focus is on them, while the hosts’ footage is placed on the SF series screen created by INFiLED. This screen hangs at the front of the stage and shows the live broadcast when the hosts speak.

The hung screen has the same pleasing brightness and high refresh rate as other screens in the studio, the difference is that its pixel pitch is smaller, at merely 1.9mm, ensuring the screen’s picture is still clear when appearing on the TV terminal. More than that, it also adopts SMD capsulation technology, and thus in terms of picture quality, it has a high color saturation and a uniform overall color rendering, giving an impressive visual effect.

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