LED billboards on East Gish Road

DOOH MV Series Outdoor

LED billboards supplied by INFiLED were erected on East Gish Road

In March 2022, three fresh billboards were erected on the East Gish Road in San Jose, California. These double-sided display LED billboards were built by INFiLED, each with an area of 24 square meters, ensuring advertising is prominent enough.

East Gish Road is located in a high-traffic area of San Jose, adjacent to the Bayshore Fwy, one of the busiest freeways in California, where our investor expects to found several large outdoor advertising structures to display various commercials for passing vehicles, assisting enterprises to promote their businesses through outdoor means. In terms of advertisement injecting, excellent display devices are essential if businesses want to present outdoor advertising wonderfully. As it happens, the screen created by INFiLED’s MV series is a brilliant choice for perfectly displaying advertising content.

Roadside billboard is designed to seize the attention of passersby and convey the advertising message, so the vividness of the image has a considerable impact on how the message is received. The LED billboards provided by INFiLED are bright and vibrant with accurate color display and pixel pitch of only 10mm, which ensure the visual quality of the advertising presentation.


As for environmental ruggedness, the MV series applied in these billboards has a high IP rating of 65, the screen enclosure design meets specifications for resistance to water, dust, humidity, etc., which can effectively protect the screen from moisture and solid objects. Therefore, the continuous operation and longevity of these INFiLED’s outdoor screens won’t be affected, whatever concerns apply to the environmental condition.

Since advertising screens are exposed to various weather at all times, including extreme high-temperature, an effective cooling system is required to function properly. INFiLED performs favorably in this aspect, the MV series can regulate its internal temperature and discharge heat to keep the operating temperature between -20°C and 50°C, protect the screen against ambient high temperature.

In any case, outdoor displays should be highly visible. Technically, high brightness and high contrast are crucial aspects to capture the attention of passersby and arouse their interest. The MV series with a brightness of 5000nits can distinctly display the content on the billboard even in direct sunlight, making sure traffic flows passing East Gish Road catch sight of the advertisement above expressly.


About INFiLED MV series

The INFiLED MV series is suitable for a wide range of fixed outdoor advertising applications including plazas, commercial districts, and transportation hubs. As far as the manufacturing technique is concerned, the MV series adopts a lightweight aluminum profile system frame, which has high durability, and IP65 front and rear, which can operate well in various outdoor places. Moreover, this series delivers exceptional and vivid image quality with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast in any lighting condition.

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