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Corporate WP Series Indoor

INFiLED customized WP series screens for MGM Casino

Earlier this year, MGM added some new screens to its two casinos for information display and commercial advertising. These screens are provided by INFiLED, including five sets of column screens and three flat screens, all of which are made of WP series.

In the resplendent casino of MGM Macau, the five columns in the center of the venue are equipped with LED screens of INFiLED on all four sides, on which are displayed scrolling pictures of brand products and entertainment instructions. The original intention of our customers to install these column screens is to make the display of important information eye-catching enough. With the brightness of 1000nits and the high contrast ratio of 5000:1, the WP series can display vivid colors, which is enough to attract customers’ attention and is perfectly suitable for MGM. demand.

Since the four screens surrounding the column are connected at right angles, if there are obvious gaps at the connection, it will definitely affect the appearance. The cabinets of the WP series are ultra-thin, with an edge thickness of less than 30mm, and can be easily installed against the wall. When spliced into a right-angle screen, the connection between the screens is smooth and natural. The overall style fits just right.

In another MGM Casino located in Cotai, INFiLED provided three flat LED screens according to customer needs. The screen pixel pitch is only 1.87mm, with a high refresh rate of 3840Hz and an anti-glare design. Make sure that customers can clearly see the content of the screen even at a long distance. In addition, during holidays and major events, playing welcome words and festival celebration words through these LED screens can also render the casino atmosphere well.


About WP Series

WP series is a small-pitch, ultra-thin, high-resolution digital LED display with a simple and smooth design, which can be used as a screen installation solution for various indoor scenes. It has a 16:9 panel ratio and a pixel pitch from 0.9mm to 1.8mm, which can easily meet the configuration required for 2K, 4k, 8K resolution displays. In addition to this, the WP series has a front-end service module that enables efficient maintenance and minimizes screen downtime.



Shenzhen Shijue Guangxu Electronics Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, focuses on R&D and manufacturing of LED large video equipment. Seejue has developed, designed and produced a complete range of LED displays, including fast and thin rental screens, smart high-definition fixed screens, multi-functional angle creative screens and high-brightness refresh stadium screens. The application fields of the products cover advertising, transportation, performing arts, sports, monitoring, Various industries such as command, conference, cultural creativity, etc., have been exported to more than 85 countries and regions around the world.

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