NRJ Music Tour

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Audio+ and INFiLED join forces to provide a stunning audiovisual solution for NRJ Music Tour

On June 5, the NRJ Music Tour kicked off in Belgium. On the stage, the INFiLED AR series screens were presenting dynamic pictures to match the fantastic music shows, bringing an ultimate audio-visual feast to the audience.

NRJ Music Tour is the largest and most anticipated free music event in Belgium. This year, it was held at the WEX event space in Marche-en-Famenne, gathering together pop musicians and bands from all over Europe and attracting 6,000 fans.

Before the event, Audio+, an audiovisual specialist from Belgium, contacted INFiLED to discuss display solutions capable of presenting the stage effects required by the NRJ Music Tour. Taking all factors into consideration, the INFiLED AR series with a pixel pitch of 3.9mm was eventually chosen to set up the stage.

With thousands of fans on set, the screen area on the stage needed to be large enough to allow all attendees, including those furthest from the stage, to see what was going on. To this end, Audio+ built a total of 145 square meters of AR series, including three large vertical screens in the middle of the stage, a front screen of the DJ booth, and two small screens on both sides.


AR series cabinets are available in 500x1000mm and 500x500mm size options, by splicing these cabinets, it is simple to create screens of various sizes that appeared on the stage. Moreover, the process of screen installation is also simple. Each cabinet comes with magnet assists and dowels for quick alignment and tight connections, allowing them to construct a complete screen without the use of external tools.

When installing display equipment for stages, there are usually specific requirements for their display effect. Since the NRJ music tour was carried out in an indoor environment, to ensure high visibility without dazzling, the screens applied on the stage had high contrast and soft brightness. In addition, all of them had a high refresh rate of 3840Hz to support fluent picture display.

For efficient inspection and maintenance of the screens on the stage, the AR series features several ingenious designs. Its LED panels adopt a modular design and can be easily replaced without tools. Besides, both its power and data units are independent and replaceable for easy maintenance. To a great extent, these designs save exception-dealing time and ensure the normal operation of the stage screens.


About INFiLED AR series

AR series is a lightweight high-performance rental panel for a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications. Its cabinets come in both front and rear servicing options. This series adopts universal modules for convenient storage and replacement. Equipped with separate and replaceable power and data units. The AR series offers a series of accessories, such as truss brackets, stacking pedestal, and set cart, designed to minimize the setup time.

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