Orthner’s Spa Resort

Corporate DB Series Indoor

Ortner’s Spa Resort is a 4-star premium facility in Bad Füssing, Germany, offering accommodation, spa, fitness, and culinary services to thousands of visitors every year.

At its indoor Thermal World location, the resort decided this year to enhance the space with the installation of a digital video wall making sure that the outcome accompanies the relaxing and healing environment of the spa.

Ortner’s Resort engaged Jendrusch media event solutions to provide a complete solution installing a fixed 3.5m wide and 2m tall INFiLED’s DB series display with a 2.6mm pixel pitch. The LED screen was integrated seamlessly against the main wall using special protection coating for the humidity.

“The customer was looking for a fixed screen in its spa area where normally there is a lot of humidity,” said Andreas Voss, Sales Manager INFiLED DACH. “Adding a special coating against humidity our DB series was a perfect match for the room due to its high contrast and robust design.”

“INFiLED DB series has been a great choice for the space. Everything came out the way we expected,” said Stefan Jendrusch, CEO of Jendrusch media event solutions. “The installation was extremely easy and the customer is happy with the subtle result and fast integration.”

About the INFiLED DB LED series

INFiLED DB (Deep Black) fine pixel pitch LED series can achieve high contrast performance and unparalleled image quality for a cinematic look with less moiré effect. The DB Series uses ultra-black masking materials and exclusive black LEDs to offer a new level of contrast. With high grayscale levels, a high refresh rate and the best quality components provides the ultimate image result. DB series also allow concave or convex curved setup to better reproduce a realistic scene.

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