Plató Nou

xR & VP AR Series DB Series Indoor

INFiLED´s Success Story at PLATÓ NOU

Back in January 2020, Switzerland’s first Virtual Production Studio was inaugurated, marking the beginning of APPIA’s transformation into a dedicated European agency for Virtual Production. Since then, the team has been committed to virtual production, achieving notable milestones along the way. One is the establishment of Barcelona’s First Permanent LED Volume, PLATÓ NOU. In collaboration with Grupo Lavinia, they conceptualized and constructed a groundbreaking LED volume.

This ambitious project, undertaken at PLATÓ NOU and powered by LAVINIA and APPIA, aimed to redefine visuals storytelling of the studio, which is in the city center of Barcelona, offering unparalleled advantages like its easy accessibility and location which makes it convenient for collaborators and clients when developing campaigns or big projects.

With a great location of its studio, big customers, and projects, the company found itself recognizing the need to upgrade its studio setup for modern productions and post-productions. INFiLED provided an outbreaking LED solution and IF design award-winning LED screen for the studio, a giant 15m wide by 4m high background LED screen with 7680 x 1920 pix., replacing the traditional green screen for a more flexible and efficient one. The whole screen reaches 160 concave angles, featuring INFiLED innovative LED system – Deep Black pro system that covers 99.2% of DCI-P3 and supports HDR10 processing.


Moreover, AR 3.9 Series was selected for the ceiling (5×5 meters), making an integrated solution that creates an adapting setup, assisting the growing needs of production and post-production.

LANG Iberia was a key partner in this installation as they provided the led display.

Alex Tomás, INFiLED Sales Manager for Iberia states: “We are very proud that renowned companies such as Appia and Lavinnia have chosen INFiLED as their LED screen supplier. For us, it has been a very important project as it is the first virtual production studio that we have installed in Spain. Furthermore, its strategic location in central Barcelona allows us to combine the training activities we carry out in our showroom with specialized technical visits in a 100% operational work environment”.

The DB 2.6 delivered a unique level of image quality, ensuring every frame captured the creative content with remarkable clarity. This solution addressed basic requirements such as high resolution, color accuracy, versatility, and space efficiency, besides presenting a complete approach to elevate the client’s studio capabilities.

On the other hand, the Ceiling 3.9 contributed to the studio’s adaptability. Its dynamic display enhanced the overall visual appeal, accommodating various production formats and post-production editing requirements with ease. This solution, positioned for the ceiling, adds a layer of immersive creativity to APPIA’s studio and helps lighting aspects.


Antoine Vaxelaire, Co-Founder & Creative Director at APPIA states: “When it comes to virtual production LED walls play a central role, and it’s fundamental for us to work with high-quality LED panels. We’ve worked with INFiLED and Lang to set-up a LED volume that strikes the right balance between pixel pitch, scan rate and processors. Thanks to this great product we can offer our clients a state-of-the-art virtual production studio, allowing them to push the boundaries of how films, series and advertising are made today”.

This project at PLATÓ NOU signifies the successful integration of INFiLED’s innovative solutions into a virtual production powerhouse. APPIA’s visionary studio, powered by LAVINIA and APPIA stands as an example of immersive and modern content creation.



APPIA is a European agency dedicated to Virtual Production. Since 2019 APPIA has designed, built, and operated VP studios in Geneva, Paris and Barcelona. APPIA’s team is composed of ICVFX supervisors, VP Directors, Disguise Operators and Unreal Engine Artists.


LAVINIA is a communication, content, and technology group that provides audiovisual, digital, immersive, and virtual solutions, always maintaining a commitment to innovation, society, and people.

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