Supersized Digital Wallpaper Platform for Victoria Police HQ

Corporate WP Series Indoor

A largescale Digital Wallpaper platform featuring over 5.1 million pixels has been installed as a centerpiece of the new Media Centre, located at the new Victoria Police Headquarters in Docklands, Melbourne.

The new state-of-the-art purpose-built environment serves as a meeting place for police across the state with extensive collaboration and conference spaces. The new Media Centre built within the complex has been designed to help the Victorian Police get important messages to the community faster.

Broadcast Services have been appointed as a primary AV integration partner for this project, working closely with our VuePix Infiled engineers to deliver a custom solution for this specialised broadcasting environment.


“A live broadcast studio environment like this is a perfect fit for our technology. We have been supplying our lighting and visual technology for TV studios, film environment and live televised events for many years, so we understand the requirements to provide a highly reliable technology solution, which needs to be ready to go 24/7, no matter what,” explains Cuono Biviano, Managing Director of ULA Group.

The VuePix Infiled WP series provides a perfect visual backdrop for press briefings, live streaming, and broadcasting. A seamless 6 meter long and 1.4m tall digital display of 1.2mm pixel pitch accommodates a custom 60˚ angle to perfectly suit the environment.


High-Quality Screens Power Competition

For the main competition venue, to create a metaverse-style scene, the production team built a small xR virtual recording platform with multiple screens.

It included four DB series video walls, with a 3840Hz high refresh rate and 160-degree viewing angles, displaying smoothly and making it easy for the camera crew to capture the on-wall content from different directions; also included was the DFII series LED floor. With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 2500kg/㎡ and an anti-glare surface, it was an ideal floor for carrying out competitions.

Since the MEMOON PLAYER adopted a team competition system, three cabins were set up on the recording site for three teams to discuss their tactics. Each cabin was equipped with an information screen for conveying the rules of the competition to the players.

Thereinto, the screens of the No. 1 and No. 2 cabins were made of DB series, with 16-bit greyscale and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1; while the No. 3 cabin applied EZ series with the same specifications as the background screen of the main lobby. All of these screens were strong in terms of image clarity and details rendered.


The screen has been designed to operate with a high refresh rate, in order to deliver perfect visuals for HD cameras in this broadcast environment.

The Novastar UHD Pro Processor is being utilised to manage the screen configuration as well as to run the screen content during live broadcasts.

“As a born and bred Victorian, it gives me great pleasure to see our VuePix Infiled technology being utilised with the Victorian Police, delivering important and vital messaging to the community,” concludes Cuono.

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