Tendots Virtual Studio Bulgaria

xR & VP DB Series STUDIO Series Indoor

A particular setup of Virtual Production Studio with INFiLED LED Screen

Sofia, Bulgaria, Tendots set a remarkable Virtual Production Studio realized with the machines of (LED screens, Positional Tracker Camera, Unreal Engine and more) to achieve Science Fiction 3D Production and gain exotic environments in-camera without having to go to those locations (especially now during COVID). The LED virtual production studio/stage offers unlimited creative possibilities and is the future of virtual sets and real-time animation.

INFiLED Provide outbreaking LED solution and IF design award-winning LED screen for the studio, the giant 20m wide by 5m high background LED screen with 7680 x 1920 pix. replace the traditional green screen for more flexible and efficiency film shooting. The whole screen reaches 160 concave angles. Featuring INFiLED innovative LED system – Deep Black pro system that Color gamut covers 99.2% of DCI-P3 and support HDR10 processing.


The product installation process was straightforward due to the dedicated product design, the LED screen delivered superb image quality and the content look vivid and so real with high-performance, that greatly improve the overall production effect!

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