The 2021 Conference on the future of the European Union

Rental XII Series Indoor

INFiLED LED Displays Impress Audience at the Conference on the Future of Europe 2021

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a platform intended to give citizens the chance to voice their opinions about the EU’s fields of action and say what kind of Europe they want to live in.

The Future of Europe 2021 was held in Strasbourg, France, on May 9th, 2021. For public health and epidemic prevention during the pandemic of COVID-19, the Conference was held via video conference. A specially designed multilingual digital platform made it easy to join the event online and discuss the EU positions on nine key topics.


Seven INFiLED ER Series video walls were installed around the main stage creating an immersive concave LED circled screen while an X series convex curved display was installed behind the host on the main stage . The ER & X Series LED installation offered impressive image quality and possibilities for the host and experts to interact with the people who connected online.

INFiLED is proud to support the Conference with its LED display technologies. The combination of INFiLED ER and X Series brings the advantages of light and thin LED panels, wide adjustable angles, seamless assembly, and superb image quality, creating an immersive experience. During the last years LED screens have become extremely popular as the display equipment for large-scale events and activities. INFiLED will continue to develop and provide the most cost-effective and optimal display solutions for large-scale events and activities.


About the INFiLED X LED series

Highly flexible, ultra-thin, super-light, and featuring full black LED, the X Series is the ultimate wave-screen choice. Its magnetic connection design is applied for fastening and easy service with a positioning pin between the panels; separate and exchangeable power and data unit is available for easy maintenance. Only eighteen panels are required to build a complete circle screen with a diameter of 2.864m (9’5”); a user-friendly design and a perfect solution for stacking and hanging applications.


About the INFiLED ER LED series

ER series is a high-performance rental panel for indoor and outdoor applications. Benefit from its light and slim features, ER series come in different sizes and offer a wide range of accessories for creative designs. Achieve easy and fast installation with its fast-lock system, pre-locks, and carry handles. In addition, it features high protection level with front and back service options for quick and easy maintenance.

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