The huge MV series screen on Sincerity Digital Building’s façade

DOOH MV Series Outdoor

In June, the Sincerity Digital Building in Xincheng District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, added a huge MV series screen to its exterior. This impressive screen, measuring 45m*12m, was strategically placed on the upper part of the building, making it visible from a great distance.

The Sincerity Digital Building, situated in the heart of the Xincheng District, is an ideal spot to showcase creative advertisements to the vast population of residents in the vicinity. To ensure maximum impact, the building opted for the MV series, renowned for its exceptional display capabilities and durability. This series of screens, infused with DOOH market essence, are set up nationwide, including Dongba Wanda Plaza, Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, and Henderson Metropolitan Shopping Center.

The building facade screen in this project has a 10.4mm pixel pitch and 5000 nits brightness. It is capable of displaying images with exceptional clarity in various lighting conditions, thanks to its adjustable brightness levels ranging from 0-100% with 256 levels and a wide viewing angle of 160°. Also, it ensures distortion-free playback with a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a refresh rate of 3840Hz.


When it comes to durability, the LED screen, built with an aluminum profile frame, provides strong IP65 protection, guaranteeing dependable performance in different tough weather conditions. Furthermore, workers can conveniently check the status of the screens and address any issues as MV series cabinets allow for maintenance access from both the front and rear.




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