X3D Studio Launches Southeast Asia’s Largest LED Volume for Virtual Production

xR & VP STUDIO Series Indoor

INFiLED LED Walls become the world’s first ARRI-accredited displays for virtual production

The grand opening of X3D Studio has set a new benchmark in virtual production, unveiling Southeast Asia’s largest LED volume. Spanning an impressive 40,000 square feet, this cutting-edge facility is revolutionizing the industry with its state-of-the-art technology and innovative features. Located in a refurbished power station, X3D Studio benefits from the high ceilings and expansive space necessary for virtual production. The studio’s development took a year and a half, with meticulous attention to integrating cutting-edge technology and rigorous collaboration with ARRI.

At the heart of X3D Studio’s virtual production space is an awe-inspiring 18m x 6m (108 sqm) LED canvas from INFiLED, comprised of 432 DB1.9 Mark-2 panels equipped with CBSF technology. Boasting a 1.95mm pixel pitch and a resolution of 9216 x 3072 pixels, the screen delivers unmatched detail, vibrant color, and consistent brightness across all viewing angles. The 16-bit color depth and HDR10 video standard further enhance the visual experience, making it one of the highest-resolution screens in Asia. Complementing this is an 8m x 8m (64 sqm) LED ceiling panel from INFiLED, perfect for dynamic lighting effects and immersive overhead visuals.


The INFiLED LED Walls are the world’s first ARRI-accredited displays for virtual production. Bertrand Dauphant, President & CEO of ARRI Asia-Pacific, praised the collaboration, noting, “It was a long process to achieve accreditation. X3D Studio worked closely with our engineers in Germany to meet the stringent standards. These include but are not limited to installation workmanship, the color accuracy, contrast, and brightness of the LED walls.”

“ARRI is a leader in color management,” said Ivan Tymoshenko, Head of VP Operations at X3D Studio. “The LED walls are crucial in virtual production, and ARRI’s accreditation underscores the high standards we’ve achieved. What this essentially means is that there will be colour consistency throughout the whole system starting with the signal to the LED Wall to the final outcome of the production. This makes the whole process seamless with less work required at the post-production stage because of the color uniformity achieved during production.”


Susan Hoe, Regional Sales Director (Malaysia & Singapore) of INFiLED commented, “We are pleased and privileged that our INFiLED LED walls are the first to have achieved ARRI accreditation globally. It shows the ever-evolving work put in by our R&D department to ensure that our displays are of high quality and standard. We are confident that those who use X3D Studio will appreciate how our LED Walls help their productions attain the feel and look they want.”

The studio also features real-time motion capture using OptiTrack’s PrimeX 41 and PrimeX 22 motion picture cameras, along with the CinePuck tracking tool for 3D accuracy. X3D Studio’s camera arsenal includes the renowned ARRI Alexa 35, celebrated for its superior image quality and dynamic range. Adding to the versatility is a Scorpio 45’ telescopic crane, providing precise camera movements and extensive reach for creative shots.


In space-constrained Singapore, X3D Studio offers a game-changing solution for creative productions. “We have a dedicated Brain Bar team for real-time collaboration between directors, VFX artists, and the entire production team,” added Ivan. “This further optimizes workflow and ensures a seamless production process.”

X3D Studio is not just a production house but also aims to be an educational hub. It plans to partner with educational institutes to provide courses in virtual production and upskill freelancers, fostering new opportunities in this burgeoning field.

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