ARmk2 Series

Design & Easy-to-install,
excellent display

ARmk2 Series is a lightweight screen with thoughtful design for installation, for infinite applications
ARmk2 Series

The ideal solution
with reliable performance

The ARmk2 series is an exceptional high-performance product, expertly crafted for indoor and outdoor events such as exhibitions, XR/VP studios, touring, and carnivals. Its slim, lightweight cabinets facilitate easy front and rear maintenance, and installation while ensuring delightful visuals.

New generation

This series boasts significant improvements over its last generation, including the flexibility to create curved screens with 9 adjustable angles. For enhanced stability and easy mobility, it comes with a matched dolly and a robust bracket that can withstand strong winds of up to 20m/s, rendering it particularly suitable for outdoor use.

ARmk2 Series details
Pixel pitch ARmk2 3.9mm
Brightness 4000 – 5000nits
CABINET SIZE (WxHxD) 500x1000x67mm,500x500x67mm
In / Out Outdoor
All specifications
ARmk2 Series markets


Key features
Flexible Setup
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The stacking structure has high stability and can stack up to 20 cabinets
Under a safety factor of 10, the single-row hoisting can reach up to 20 cabinets.

Curve effect
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Easy to manually adjust the curvature.

Can be used to set up curved screens, with adjustable angles of 0°, ±2.5°, ±5°, ±7.5°, ±10°

Industrial design
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The ARmk2 boasts a stylish industrial design, with sophisticated patterns and sleek lines on the back of its cabinets. Its slim, lightweight cabinets facilitate easy front and rear maintenance and installation. Modules with memory functions can save calibration data. The cabinet is available in: 1000*500mm and 500*500mm. In outdoor use, it can be equipped with a robust bracket that can resist strong wind of 20m/s.

Quick installation
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Thoughtful design for installation. The cabinet body adopts a lightweight and strong magnesium alloy frame, which is convenient for workers to move and assemble. The ARmk2 series features a top-notch quick lock system with a color-changing warning design for easy identification of unlocked locks. Each cabinet is equipped with a telescopic positioning lock to facilitate the tight connection of the upper and lower cabinets.

Excellent display
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Improved image clarity. The use of pixel-by-pixel calibration technology ensures that the colors are accurate and the images are clear on this series’ screen.

Easy maintenance
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Front and rear service options are available. Universal LED modules can be easily replaced without tools required. Separate and exchangeable power and data unit can be replaced without tools.

Easy transportation
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A dolly can carry several cabinets and their accessories to avoid damage during moving.

Inspiring screens for great visual impact
In / out
Pixel pitch
Physical density
Led arrangement
Module resolution (H/V)
Module dimensions
Cabinet resolution (H/V)
Cabinet dimensions
Cabinet weight
Max power consumption (W/Panel)
Avg power consumption (W/Panel)
Viewing angle (H/V)
Scan rate
Operating power source
Operating temperature
Refresh rate
Ip rating
Signal input source
* The specifications are subject to change

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