SF Series

Lightweight panels, heavyweight visual impact

SF Series is a canvas for unlimited creativity that offers intelligent flexibility
SF Series

High flexibility to create
convex and concave
curved displays

The SF Series is the intelligent choice for creative applications. Featuring a specially designed, soft yet durable PCB, this series offers high flexibility, allowing the creation of both convex and concave curved displays with ease. SF panels are exceptionally lightweight and effortlessly assembled without the need for tools. The advanced magnetic system ensures convenient front accessibility and maintenance.


The optional stacking and hanging system makes it a perfect solution, seamlessly adapting to various structures and environments.

SF Series details
Pixel pitch 1.9, 2.5, 4, 6.6mm
Brightness 600 – 1200nits
CABINET SIZE (WxHxD) 320x160x9.5mm

In / Out Indoor
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SF Series markets


Key features
Curve effect
Infiled Infiled

The SF Series features a special, soft but durable PCB, providing highly flexible modules for creating convex and concave curved displays with super curve degrees (up to 60º).

Ultra thin design
Infiled Infiled

Ultra-thin and flexible frame design.

Infiled Infiled

The lightweight cabinet design with flexible frames makes the installation process faster and more convenient.

PDU data configurations
Infiled Infiled

Power and data run from the sender box to PDU, then to modules. PDUs are connected in parallel, with each driving 6 or 12 modules based on the pixel pitch. The lightweight PDU weighs less than 2kg, and the maximum cable length from PDU to the cabinet is 1m.

Energy saving
Infiled Infiled

Lower heat dissipation and reduced power consumption, aligning with INFILED’s continuous commitment to sustainability

Easy maintenance
Infiled Infiled

Hassle-free maintenance with front service options, optional stacking and hanging installation, and screws-free, magnetic cylinder installation.

Infiled Infiled

Low heat dissipation and zero noise make it ideal for work or education environments.

Inspiring screens for great visual impact
In / out
Pixel pitch
Physical density
Led arrangement
Module resolution (H/V)
Module dimensions
Cabinet resolution (H/V)
Cabinet dimensions
Cabinet weight
Max power consumption (W/Panel)
Avg power consumption (W/Panel)
Viewing angle (H/V)
Scan rate
Operating power source
Operating temperature
Refresh rate
Ip rating
Signal input source
* The specifications are subject to change

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