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Beyond Screens: Tigrelab’s Digital Art & INFiLED Partnership

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Tigrelab stands as an inspiration of creative brilliance, emerging as one of the city’s preeminent creative studios since its beginning in 2006. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of multimedia art and digital experiences, Tigrelab has consistently held its position at the forefront of innovation.
At the core of Tigrelab’s principles is the art of storytelling through powerful content. Their approach is a meticulous blend of design, motion, interaction, light, space, and cutting-edge technology. This harmonious fusion allows Tigrelab to craft immersive narratives that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.
The studio’s diverse portfolio is a testament to its versatility and creative prowess. Tigrelab’s body of work encompasses a wide spectrum, from interactive installations that engage and mesmerize, to advanced projection mapping that transforms spaces into dynamic canvases of visual delight. Their projects have graced festivals, museums, and commercial spaces, both within the vibrant landscape of Spain and on the global stage.


What sets Tigrelab apart is not just its technical expertise but the ability to infuse every creation with a unique narrative. Each project tells a story, inviting the audience to be part of an experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of art and technology.
Excitingly, Tigrelab’s digital art will take center stage at the INFiLED Europe showroom in Barcelona. This collaboration marks a grand partnership between Tigrelab and INFiLED, showcasing the seamless integration of artistic brilliance with INFiLED´s innovative LED display solutions.
As Tigrelab’s digital masterpieces grace the INFiLED Barcelona showroom, audiences will have the opportunity to witness the convergence of artistic ingenuity and technological prowess.

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