iQIYI Vowel Adventure Reality Show

xR & VP EZ Series GXII Series AR Series DB Series DFII Series STUDIO Series Indoor

INFiLED’s Superior Screens Power iQIYI to Create a Musical Metaverse

In November, the variety show MEMOON PLAYER produced by iQIYI was officially launched. In this innovative show, the dedicated performance of the players and the immersive virtual reality scenes made an impression on the audience.

MEMOON PLAYER, a show that creatively brings music into the metaverse space, allows players to compete in teams according to the rules of the show in real and virtual interaction, and complete music-related games.

During the games, through the LED displays in various scenarios, players can obtain program guidance content, interact with online audiences remotely, and participate in motion capture to generate virtual images, thus unfolding a series of interesting and musical plots.

For this great project with virtual production techniques applied, INFiLED cooperated with Shenzhen GVT Technology Co., Ltd. and jointly provided all LED display equipment. The content displayed by these specialized displays was bright in color and excellent in picture quality, which well meets the requirements of the production crew.


Brilliant Screens Adorn the Main Lobby

In the spaceship-like main lobby which was used to gather players and release tasks, INFiLED has built a spectacular 32m*8m backdrop screen. The screen was customized by the EZ series, with a curved surface and a short T shape, creative and futuristic in look; besides, it featured a pixel pitch of merely 2.6mm, and a brightness of 1000nits, presenting a strong visual appeal;

Just opposite the T-shaped screen, there was also an AR series curved screen with a smooth arc and a resolution of 12672*1152. It performed excellently in communicating the creative content designed by the production team, and its vibrant, accurate color expression brought life to the large and unique main lobby.


High-Quality Screens Power Competition

For the main competition venue, to create a metaverse-style scene, the production team built a small xR virtual recording platform with multiple screens.

It included four DB series video walls, with a 3840Hz high refresh rate and 160-degree viewing angles, displaying smoothly and making it easy for the camera crew to capture the on-wall content from different directions; also included was the DFII series LED floor. With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 2500kg/㎡ and an anti-glare surface, it was an ideal floor for carrying out competitions.

Since the MEMOON PLAYER adopted a team competition system, three cabins were set up on the recording site for three teams to discuss their tactics. Each cabin was equipped with an information screen for conveying the rules of the competition to the players.

Thereinto, the screens of the No. 1 and No. 2 cabins were made of DB series, with 16-bit greyscale and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1; while the No. 3 cabin applied EZ series with the same specifications as the background screen of the main lobby. All of these screens were strong in terms of image clarity and details rendered.


Superior Screens Join Virtual Production

The theme of MEMOON PLAYER was to create a new world of music in the metaverse, so motion capture technology was widely used in the show to record the players’ body movements and generate their corresponding virtual characters; through post-production, these characters were placed into imaginative rendered scenes, presenting their performance in virtual reality.

INFiLED equipped screens for all the motion capture rooms in the show. These screens applied DB series, with vibrant colors and good saturation, delivering excellent visual feedback for virtual production. Moreover, there were EZ series screens in the aisle outside the rooms, which appropriately complement the metaverse environment created by the production crew.

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