Jordan Banking Sector

Corporate GXII Series Outdoor

Jordan’s Top Banks Use INFiLED Outdoor LED Displays for Digital Signage in over 15 Branches

As technology continues to advance it is undeniable that there is a growing shift from LCD and traditional Video Walls to LED Displays in many markets globally. AVXAV, a leading Middle East System Integrator that provides top-quality smart solutions to its customers with integrity and responsibility, has proven to be a pioneer in that direction. Over the last year, under AVXAV’s guidance, more than 15 branches of Jordan’s Top Banks installed multiple window facing and outdoor INFiLED LED Displays at their most prestigious branches.

To meet their daily digital signage needs, the big players in the Jordanian banking industry, such as Arab Bank, Capital Bank, Safwa Bank, Bank Al Etihad, and Jordan Kuwait Bank chose AVXAV to successfully integrate INFiLED’s GX series displays with a pixel pitch of 3.9mm, capturing the attention of passengers as well as promoting their offers and services.

The GX series features lightweight and slim cabinets, made of die-casting magnesium and aluminum. Its design allows fast installation, offering high brightness while both front and rear sides have IP65 protection to withstand any weather conditions.


“Once again, we worked closely together with the INFiLED team, and we are amazed by their integrity and ability to understand each projects’ needs”, said Rami Badran, Founder and CEO of AVXAV. “The GX series is a great solution for outdoor and window facing digital signage applications. Its high brightness ensures the LED displays deliver perfect visuals and colors under any light condition matching the high standards and brand guidelines set by our customers.”

“It has been a pleasure collaborating with AVXAV on these prominent projects. AVXAV is an officially INFiLED-certified company with experience in LED integration and high-quality standards”, said Samer Otaibi, Business Development Manager of INFiLED Middle East. “It’s great to be part of this ongoing retail market evolution, witnessing more and more brands in the Middle East modernizing their branches and replacing old technologies with LED displays.”

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