The rail transit base of CRRC Chengdu

Control Room WP Series Indoor

First-rate WP series screens in the rail transit base of CRRC Chengdu

In July, INFiLED installed two top-notch LED displays for CRRC Chengdu Co., Ltd, a railway rolling stock manufacturing company. The screens were installed in the company’s rail transit base for personnel to view the operation status and maintenance service processing information of CRRC’s locomotives.

As a national high-tech enterprise with an annual capacity of 350 diesel locomotives and electric locomotives, CRRC Chengdu Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing its rolling stocks with high-quality and efficient after-sales services. To better schedule various services in an orderly manner, the company chose to apply the WP series screens manufactured by INFiLED to present multi-table information including maintenance project details, locomotive operation fault lists, and after-sales service stations, giving personnel a clearer view of each service’s progress.


In terms of color expression, the two screens installed in the rail transit base had a pixel pitch of 1.56mm and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, displaying content with high-definition and bright colors; in addition, the LEDs of this screen adopted IMD encapsulation technology, characterized by superior color purity and wide color gamut, rendering the details of the picture well.

Thanks to the lightweight and ultra-thin characteristics of the WP series cabinets, both screens with a size of 4.8m*3.04m were also easy to be installed. Assembling this series of screens was labor-saving, as each cabinet weighed only 4.9kg; not only that, each screen (with a slim floating bracket) was only 37mm thick and can be seamlessly mounted on the wall. Moreover, the cabinet frames were also equipped with anti-collision rims, which can well protect the LEDs from damage.


About WP series

WP series is one of INFiLED’s most remarkable LED displays, it adopts advanced IMD&SMD encapsulation technology. Features a wide color gamut, high brightness, and high contrast ratio of 20000:1; this series can offer an exquisite and vivid picture with vibrant color and rich detail. It is the best solution for a range of indoor applications including control & command centers, studios, stations, and classrooms.

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